About Us

We are on a mission to revolutionise breakfast on the go and banish bad breakfast habits. We LOVE mornings and are up with the lark getting your breakfast ready. So if time is tight in your morning schedule, don't worry MOMA is here!

We know time is precious, mornings can be a blur, and that getting from bed-head to business-brain is challenge enough.

We know that it's all too easy to kick-start your day with sugar, chemicals and grease. We also know the grabbing the closest, quickest, most convenient thing is the order of the hour.

We started as a one man band (otherwise known as Tom) and we now have a team all dedicated to bringing you the best breakfast across London and beyond.

A wholesome, tasty and fuss-free breakfast

At the heart of the best breakfast, you'll find Jumbo oats. Rich in fibre and low GI, oats are amazing energy givers that release their goodness slowly and help lower cholesterol. We love this understated grain and we love it even more blended with low-fat probiotic yogurt and real fruit.

Revolutionise breakfast on the go forever
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