7 Awesome Benefits of Super Seeds

7 Awesome Benefits of Super Seeds

We love seeds here at MOMA, so much so that we’ve created our own delicious Super Seeds porridge pots, bursting with flavoursome pumpkin, chia and linseeds. These little crunchy pieces of heaven can offer you a wealth of body boosting benefits, and we’ve highlighted seven of them below!

Immune System

Thanks to the hefty amounts of zinc found in these super seeds, our immunity can benefit from a boost with just a handful of these seeds each day. Without enough zinc in our bodies, we can become susceptible to pesky colds, acne and fatigue.


Protein is an essential part of a healthy balanced diet, and is crucial for developing and repairing the body. Pumpkin seeds contain an incredible 19g of protein for every 100g with linseeds and chia following closely behind on 18g and 17g. It’s recommended that you eat 0.75g of protein for every kilogram you weigh, and so these seeds can help to get you well on your way to reaching the recommended daily amount.


Not only can the abundance of zinc found in these amazing seeds help with immunity, but it can also help keep skin glowing, hair shining and nails dazzling. These seeds – pumpkin seeds in particular – are probably one of the best sources of zinc, so simply adding a few to your daily diet can improve your beauty regime.

High fibre

Many of us here in the UK are struggling to make sure there’s enough fibre in our diets, so if you find yourself falling short of fibre in your diet, a bowl of our super seeds porridge for breakfast can really help you reach your recommended daily allowance!

With 34g of fibre in every 100g of chia seeds, 27g in linseeds and 18g in pumpkin seeds – not to mention the 11g found in oats – you should expect to see some beneficial changes to your body and its functions, as well as reducing the likelihood of developing problems including cancer and obesity.

Heart Health

With pumpkin seeds providing magnesium that can lower blood pressure, and both chia and linseeds containing omega-3 that can lower levels of bad cholesterol and the likelihood of heart disease, you can sleep well knowing that you are doing something to keep your heart healthy – and enjoying tasty seeds at the same time!


The naturally occurring amino acid, tryptophan, found in these seeds can help you on your way to a deep and peaceful night’s sleep. That’s because tryptophan can create the hormones serotonin and melatonin, which together can help your body to relax and prepare for sleep, as well as allowing you to wake up happy rather than groggy.


Your liver will love you after a handful of super seeds, due to the selenium they provide. This fantastic element helps to maintain liver tissues, reducing the likelihood of cancer and other forms of damage.

These super seeds are clearly an awesome addition to anyone’s diet, so why not begin adding them to your meals? Start introducing them to your body with our Super Seeds porridge and feel free to add a few more to the oatie bowl of goodness if you like.

Alternatively, enjoy the super seeds as a tasty snack – they are absolutely delicious when toasted! You could even create your own chocolate block using melted dark chocolate poured over the seeds and some dried fruit (dried cranberries work really well), and leaving in the fridge to set. Once ready, simply chop up or break a piece off the block to get your supply of super seeds!