7 things night owls can learn from morning people

7 things night owls can learn from morning people

As much as we love our mornings here at MOMA, we understand that the early rise and shine isn’t for everyone. Read on to discover just what night owls can learn from self-confessed morning people.

Whether you’re regular sheep counter that struggles to shut off and catch some Zzz’s, or wake up dreading the thought of heading into the office, there’s plenty of reasons why you, like many others, might prefer to stay tucked up in bed when morning breaks.

It doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom and even self proclaimed night owls can learn to enjoy and make the most of their mornings. After all, starting your day right can really help to make the rest of your day even more awesome!

So, just how can we end the night owl prowl and wake up feeling refreshed, ready to jump out of bed in the morning?

Who better to learn from the morning people here at MOMA, who love nothing better than making the most of the early hours!

  1. Easy there! Don’t rush everything at once

Try to not fall into the trap of changing your entire routine all at once. You’ll end up having an amazing couple of mornings, only to fall back into your bad habits towards the end of the week.

Instead, try adding one new habit to your routine to begin with, slowly adding more in when you grow used to the changes.

Whether it’s stopping yourself from hitting the snooze button (as much), or preparing yourself a tasty breakfast each morning, there are plenty of small additions to add in.

You may enjoy some more than others, but one by one, you’ll notice these actions will start coming together to build your own personalised perfect morning routine.

2. Make better use of your snooze time

That pesky snooze button is so tempting yet so bad for your get-up-and-go! Letting yourself snooze over and over again can make it that bit harder to get out of bed and enjoy an energetic start to the day.

Instead, spend those 5-7 minutes where you would normally snooze, stretching and adjusting to the light.

You could even spend a few minutes thinking about the day ahead and what task to tackle first for a super productive start to the day!

3. Think about what you love and start your day with that

Whether it’s a lovely warm shower, spending some quality time with your children or enjoying a delicious breakfast, think about what you love to do and make that a priority first thing in the morning.

You’ll find that those dreading the alarm clock in the morning quickly becomes a thing of the past, especially when you start your day doing something you really enjoy.

4. Stick with a speedy but healthy breakfast

If you’re more of a night owl than a morning mover, breakfast might be a last minute task, leaving your options limited to convenience food that’s quick and simple.

Rather than reaching for a croissant or a bowl of cereal, MOMA’s porridge pots and sachets make it quick and easy to enjoy something healthy, nutritious and downright delicious!

We can help to make mornings a breeze for even the most nocturnal of night owls!

5. Prepare for your day the night before

This is a biggie when it comes to enjoying your mornings! Prepare your lunch, have your clothes and toiletries set out and make a to do list of everything that needs to be done the following day.

An evening routine like this will help to make your mornings a lot more organised, and who doesn’t enjoy a smooth-running start to the day?

6. Step away from the screen!

Avoid watching TV or scrolling through social media at least an hour before you’re hoping to head to the land of nod. The same goes for in the morning, too! Avoid checking emails as soon as you wake up, or putting on the TV whilst you get ready. It will only slow you down and make your morning more rushed or stressful than it needs to be.

7. Keep on, keep on, keep on, keep on moving!

Whether that’s running up and down the stairs or enjoy some early morning yoga, try to get yourself up and about as quickly as possible.

Your body will be so thankful for the burst of energy and blood pumping, that you’ll instantly start to feel awesome!

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