Appreciating the good things in life with Hygge & Fika

Appreciating the good things in life with Hygge & Fika

What busy lives we have here in the UK! From the moment the alarm buzzes in the morning to rushing around preparing breakfast for the whole family - all the way through to arriving home to cook dinner after a crazy day at work.

Our days are jam-packed with all kinds of trying tasks that can often make us forget to find time to sit back, relax and enjoy some quality time to ourselves.

In fact, when we surveyed some of the lovely people in the UK, we found that almost two thirds of women are regularly missing out on breakfast! MOMA wants to change this.

Looking to Europe for inspiration, we discovered that our Nordic friends have got the art of living a happy and healthy lifestyle down to a tee.

Nordic countries, such as Denmark and Sweden, are well known for their positivity, happiness and overall love of life, which they attribute to the tremendous tradition of Hygge and Fika.

Making the most of life’s simple pleasures: What Hygge and Fika are all about

Although the two traditions originate from different locations, they share a number of similarities, including what they are all about and how they are expected to impact people’s lifestyles.

Hygge, which is surprisingly pronounced as ‘HOO-gah’, was born in Denmark and focuses on really embracing the simple things in life in order to feel truly happy and content. Fika on the other hand, was born in Sweden and stems from the Swedish word for coffee, ‘kaffe’. Again, practising Fika means finding the time in all the hustle and bustle, to enjoy some quality time to yourself, or with friends and family.

Hygge is most popular during the winter months and throughout the festive season, when the temperature has dropped and that added feeling of cosiness is really needed. However, as the tradition has become increasingly popular, you can now see glimpses of it throughout the year- from simple strolls in spring through to a delectable picnic in summer.

The traditional way of incorporating Fika into your life consists of sitting down in a big, comfy chair and forgetting about any of life’s stresses and enjoying a big, warm mug of coffee and a catch up with someone close to you.

Of course, how you achieve Hygge and Fika, depends entirely on your own personality. What might be complete relaxation for one person, may not be relaxing at all for someone else.

That being said, those who make time for the two traditions are said to be some of the happiest people in the world, so it’s well worth trying it out for yourself. But how do you even begin? Luckily for you, we’ve pinpointed some of our favourite ways to start introducing Hygge and Fika into our busy lifestyles.

Make time for a healthy and hearty breakfast every morning

Even if you’re pushed for time, there are plenty of options out there that can give you that much-needed boost in the mornings, including our delicious breakfast range! Take our various porridge pots, for example. They are bursting with fibre and protein just add some hot water and stir! They’re perfectly designed for breakfast on-the-go, so there’s no excuse to miss out on healthy start to your day.

Try our cranberry and raisin porridge pot for the perfect warming breakfast this winter.

Cranberry and Raisin Porridge Pot

Make your home as you want it

Many of us are guilty for having noticed something that needs fixing in our home, only to then walk away and leave it broken for months afterwards.

However small the fix, it’s worth making plans to change those niggling DIY annoyances as part of your Hygge or Fika resolution.

Surrounding yourself with a comfortable home environment is a surefire way to achieve ultimate Hygge relaxation.

Hygge and Fika

Say goodbye to work stresses

For too long have employees in the UK have spent time outside of their working hours worrying about emails that they haven’t sent or tasks that haven’t been ticked off.

As part of your Hygge and Fike plan, try to understand that you can only do as much work as your working hours allow you to. Tomorrow is a new day and outstanding tasks can often wait until then.

When you leave work at the end of the day, forget about the last 8 hours and instead, look forward to some quality time at home with loved ones.

Cosy Hygge and Fika

However you choose to bring Hygge or Fika into your life, we’re sure that you will begin to start feeling much more positive, happy and content in no time! If you’re already reaping the benefits of these two traditions, get in touch with us on Twitter or Facebook to let us know how you started off!