Black Friday Time

Black Friday Time

Are you all ready for the shopping spectacular that we've inherited from our friends over the pond? We're talking discounts galore, frantic shopper and some serious bargains here. Yep, black Friday has arrived and here at MOMA, we know exactly how to celebrate. Get in on the action with 50% off across our entire online store!

Just in time for Christmas?

One of the biggest highlights of Black Friday is the advantage of being able to snag some discount pressies, just in time for Christmas. Do you know someone who loves oats or a cereal snacker? (Pun very much intended). If so, then here’s the Santa list that’ll let you into all the oatie discounts and with 50% off, you can save enough to treat yourself too.

Porridge Pots

Pop a treat into their stocking with some of our super tasty porridge pots, available in four great flavours: Plain, Plain (no added sugar), Cranberry & Raisin and Golden Syrup.

Oatie Shakes

Shake things up with our oatie shakes, perfect for those busy bees who are always forgetting to grab breakfast. Choose from two fruity little numbers: Strawberry & Banana and Mango & Peach.

Mix it up

Not too sure what to get the tricky ones? Why not go with a bit of everything, with our mixed bundles.

Get oatie and get festive!

We love a good wildcard recipe, especially the ones that let us mix old favourites with new and exciting things to try. Read on to get in on our Black Friday oat bowl!

Black Forest Friday Recipe

Black Friday Oats


  • Plain No Added Sugar MOMA Oats
  • Almonds
  • Brown Sugar
  • Black forest fruits (like blackcurrants, blackberries or redcurrants)
  • Cinnamon


Make oats following the tip top directions found on the back of your MOMA packaging. Lightly toast the almonds with half a tsp of brown sugar and some cinnamon if you’re feeling spicy. Top oats with black forest fruits (cherries are essential) and then sprinkle with almond mix for that extra crunch. If you want to get seriously fruity, try this recipe alongside our cranberry and raisin porridge pot.

Do you have a recipe you want to try out with your Black Friday MOMA goodies? Give us a tweet @MOMA and share us in on Facebook.