4 Immune Boosting Porridge Topping Ideas from MOMA

January 30, 2017

We’re now well and truly into the icy depths of winter, filled with chilly winds and rain, along with those pesky colds that try to make our days that little less awesome.

The cooler weather and the risk of chesty coughs make it even more important to keep our bodies happy and healthy. It’s understandable that we tend to worry about the wintery woes, but it can actually be a really fun season when we’re feeling our best!

Immune Boosting Breakfast Ideas

So, to brush off colds and flu just like the sprinkling of snow on your shoulder, think about how you can boost your immunity, with a few simple additions to your morning breakfast. We love porridge oats, not only for their fabulous flavour, but for the health benefits they can bring. Did you know that oats contain beta-glucan, a fantastic fibre that gives your immune system that much-needed boost? A bowl of porridge can offer so much variety to your week, simply by mixing up the toppings you enjoy with it each day! We’ve offered up some delicious toppings that we think pair perfectly with porridge, not just in flavour, but in their immune boosting properties, too!
Immune Boosting Porridge Topping Ideas
Add a spring in your step with a combination of oranges and turmeric with our Golden Syrup Porridge Pot. Or sample something sweet, with honey, banana, almonds and yoghurt, paired with our Super Seeds Porridge Pots. Whatever takes your fancy, you can be sure that a bowl of porridge topped with our immunity boosters, will have you feeling fantastic throughout the frosty season. We have lots of new flavours and porridge products hitting the shelves soon so keep your eyes peeled! Or sign up to our newsletter to find out all the latest MOMA news!

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