Eating for Longevity - Porridge is the Perfect Portion of Whole Grains

June 14, 2016

Harvard research has revealed that a diet rich in whole grains can lead to a longer life. Discover how to get more whole grain goodness.

Research from food scientists at Harvard University today has revealed that eating a diet rich in whole grain foods could hold the key to a longer and healthier life. The results of the study revealed that those who ate a bigger amount of whole grain foods (over 70 grams per day) had a significantly lower risk of dying during the period the study was taking place. Whole grains can be found in many different kinds of foods, from Brown Rice, Quinoa to Porridge

Increasing the amount of whole grain foods in my diet

Here at MOMA, we’re fully committed to using only whole grains in our products and we think that breakfast is a great place to start if you’re looking to increase the amount of whole grains in your diet. According to the research from Harvard, just one of our quick and simple plain porridge pots contains 73% of the daily threshold, all of this just from whole grain oats!

What are the benefits of a high fibre diet containing whole grain oats?

Whole grain oats provide a full package of benefits, which you will not find within refined grains which are processed and stripped of some valuable vitamins and minerals. The researchers note that a diet which is high in both fiber and whole grains may lower cholesterol production, lower glucose levels and decrease the feelings of hunger, all of which can exacerbate existing health problems. Tom Mercer, founder and managing director of MOMA Foods explains, “Whole grains should always be part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, however they are not the only way to increase longevity. “A healthy and balanced lifestyle (containing whole grains) should always be promoted”

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