On The Go Breakfast Tips That Will Save You Time In The Morning

June 28, 2016

It’s one thing wanting to eat healthily, but it’s another thing to turn your good intentions into reality. In today’s climate, where are you supposed to find the time to slave over the stove and put together a healthy nutritious breakfast?

Tips and hacks that will save you time

In today's world, it can be nearly impossible to put together a time efficient and nutritious breakfast. But don’t you worry; with the proper meal preparation and equipment this is possible. Here are some of the best breakfast hacks and tips for eating healthy on the move.

Timesaving Breakfast Equipment

Thermos Mug Life seems to get difficult fast when you can’t bring your coffee with you in the car or on the train; and if you spill, your treasured drink can become your worst enemy. Investing in a good thermos mug, one that keeps your coffee hot, your sips accessible and your shirt free of stains should be your first port of call. This investment will also allow you to enjoy your breakfast on your commute, instead of rushing it before you leave the house. Top Tips:
  • Always make sure you check out the difference between the hot food thermos and the hot drink thermos.
  • Look for a cup with a wide neck so you can easily pour in a breakfast such as porridge.
  • A fold up spoon can come in really handy!
Tupperware This fantastic product is great for those constantly on the go. Some containers can keep your cereal, milk, fruit and yoghurt separated until you're ready for the all-important first meal of the day. Top Tips: Locking Lids- One of the biggest mistakes commuters make with their breakfast or lunch is buying a Tupperware without checking its properties. Containers with airtight locking lids are the best to keep your food fresh and to avoid any unwanted bag spillage. The shake test-. How many time are you running for the train or bus? A container that can with withstand 2 minutes of constant shaking will make sure your breakfast doesn’t end up all over your bag!

Breakfast Meal Preparation

Preparing meals ahead of time is essential to eating healthily on the move. These are the best two hacks for preparing your breakfast:
  • Moving breakfast prep duties to the night before means you can concoct all sorts of creative breakfasts on any weekday morning. It's the most important meal of the day, so make it a great one.
  • If you are tired after a hard day of work, just wake up 15 minutes earlier than usual. Odds are the benefits you gain from a nutritious breakfast will more than make up for that 15 minutes of sleep you lost.

Breakfast Recipes

Here is where investment in the right equipment proves its worth. Bircher Muesli Bircher muesli is a delicious mixture of essential nutrients and minerals that you can concoct the night before and leave in the fridge overnight. One of the best and quick combinations is to throw some oats, pumpkin seeds chia seeds and a handful of crushed nuts into your Tupperware box. Pour some milk on top of your mixture and add a splash of apple juice with some chopped fresh fruit. With summer officially arriving perhaps try some nectarines and blueberries. Looking on social media such as Instagram or Pinterest should give you plenty of food for thought. Mix it all up and pop it in the fridge overnight. All that is required in the morning is to grab your container and head to work. Alternatively, if you’re really short on time, you can purchase pots of MOMA Bircher Muesli to grab and go in the morning. Porridge Without some creativity, porridge can get boring very fast. Which is a shame given it’s endless health and nutritional benefits. The good news is you can do just about anything with a bowl of porridge and can eat it pretty much anywhere. Only a few porridge brands, including MOMA contain no added sugar, allowing you to get more creative with natural sugars from fruits and honey. Adding some of your favourite fruits such chunks of apple or pear will provide the healthy natural sugars, as well as some added crunch; whereas adding some yoghurt will produce a lovely texture. Just prepare your ingredients the night before and throw them into your morning porridge. Pour into your thermos mug, grab your folding spoon and enjoy on the way to work. Again, if time is really an issue, MOMA have delicious and healthy porridge pots and sachets including coconut and chia, super seeds and cranberry and raisin that you can enjoy on your commute or sat at your desk.