How to make Energy Balls at Home

December 13, 2016

No one really knows where the term “amaze-balls” came from. But we wouldn’t bet against it having something to do with with the delicious trend of no-bake protein balls.

Apart from being deliciously tasty, these energy bites are the smarter way to snack. Whether it’s first thing in the morning or during the mid afternoon slump, we all need an energy boost as some point in the day! What’s even better is that these mighty balls are packed with nutrients to keep us focused and fuelled, no matter what the demands of modern life throw at you. But the best best thing about them is that they are so simple to make. All it really consists off is our DIY Bircher Muesli Mix and a few ingredients of your choice! So with National Cocoa Day upon us on the 13th December, what better way to beat the winter fatigue with a couple of these chocolatey protein/energy balls?

Let's talk energy ball ingredients

There are many nutritional options you can pile into your protein balls that’ll give you a big ol’ energy boost. But because it’s National Cocoa Day on the 13th, we thought it would be a nice idea to include some chocolate flavoured recipes. Here’s what you’ll need: Our DIY Bircher Muesli Mix acts as the perfect base for these protein balls. Not only does it contain three of the essential five food groups for a healthy balanced diet, it’s also super quick to prep, as they’re quick soak gluten free oats. That means there’s none of this leaving in the fridge overnight business!


  1. Place the Diy Bircher Muesli and cocoa powder into a large mixing bowl stir to combine.
Top Tip: Pop your peanut butter into a microwave safe bowl and heat gently for a few seconds to give it a more liquidy consistency; this will help the dry ingredients bind together.
  1. Pour the peanut butter into the bowl of DIY Bircher Muesli and cocoa powder (and protein powder if using)
  2. Add your chopped medjool dates, flaxseeds and vanilla extract to the rest of the ingredients and combine well with your hands until the mixture begins to hold together in clumps.
*You may need to add a splash of warm water if the mixture remains a little dry*
  1. Break off a medium sized clump of the soft mix and roll into balls (around the size of a ping pong ball).
Top Tip!: If you roll your MOMA energy balls in some extra flaked coconut before storing them, you’ll stop them sticking to each other as much; plus you’ll get an extra hit of coconutty flavour!
  1. Place your energy balls into airtight food container and refrigerate until you feel like eating…if you can wait - we never can!
  2. *Extra Protein Ball Hack Alert* You could throw in a few 90% dark chocolate chips into half of the mixture, for a not too naughty but yummy treat.
Voila! There you have it. The simplest no-bake healthy snack there is the world! All starting with your favourite festive flavours of cranberry and coconut. The perfect treat for those sluggish days in between Christmas and New Year. So give it a bash and share some snaps with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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