What Brits do with their extra hour when the clocks go back
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What Brits do with their extra hour when the clocks go back

We spoke to the Great British public to find out how they spent their extra hour, and give you some great tips to squeeze the most out of your mornings!

How did people spend their extra hour this year

From exercising to consuming as much caffeine as humanly possible, the Great British public certainly made the most of the clocks changing! Let’s take a look at the most popular ways that the public spent their extra hour this year…..


Over a third of you spent your extra hour catching up on your Zzzz’s, making the most of the health benefits of an extra hour of sleep. If only there was an extra hour every day!

Catching up on the news

Lots of us like keeping up to date with the news, using the extra hour to watch the news or read the paper.

Having breakfast

The foodie fiends amongst you chose to have a leisurely breakfast, spending extra time to make and enjoy a delicious meal. Hopefully, lots of you tucked into our awesome porridge or breakfast smoothies!


Who knew so many of us were bookworms? One of the most popular ways of spending the extra hour was reading. Over a quarter of us chose to sit down with the paper or a good book this year.


Many of you chose to spend your extra hour getting squeaky clean. Did you know that showering in the morning can help your skin look better? Even more reason to make the most of your mornings!

How to squeeze the most out of your mornings

It would be great to have an extra hour every day, but if you’re a serial snoozer or a night owl, leisurely mornings can seem impossible! Follow our simple tips to help squeeze the most out of your mornings, and set your day up in the right way.

Stop pressing snooze

Serial snoozers, we’re looking at you! Although it’s tempting to stay snuggled up in bed on frosty Winter mornings, hitting the snooze button can actually make you feel more tired.

If you feel the need for an extra 10 minutes in bed every morning, try going to bed a little earlier instead. When your alarm goes off, jump straight out of bed before your brain has time to wake up, and you’ll have extra time to start your day in a more relaxed way.


It’s easy to sneak another task or two into your morning routine when you multitask. Grab a MOMA instant porridge pot for porridge on the go and eat on your commute to work for a simple way to make sure you’re getting a nutritious breakfast, or pop the radio on whilst you’re getting ready so you can catch up on the news.

Get prepared

Spend 10 minutes before bed preparing for the day ahead – make sure you know where your keys, phone, wallet or purse are to avoid any last minute searching in the morning, and decide what you’re going to wear. You’ll save precious minutes in the morning, and avoid any sleepy fashion disasters!