Choc Shot Porridge Pots

Choc Shot Porridge Pots

MOMA Teams up with Sweet Freedom for a Festive Spiced Chocolate Orange Giveaway*

With more advent calendar doors open than closed right now, chocolate for breakfast is something we’re all getting used to here in the MOMA offices. Our argument is that chocolate should be a treat you can enjoy every day so why stop when the final advent door is opened?

Chocolate not just for Christmas…

We’ve teamed up with Sweet Freedom to bring you a guilt-free chocolately giveaway, meaning that chocolate for breakfast can be something you can look forward to and enjoy every day!

Customers will receive a free bottle of Sweet Freedom Choc Shot Orange Spice with every order made through the MOMA shop.

The clever folks over at Sweet Freedom have discovered a way of harnessing the ‘hug in a mug’ feel that comes with a luxuriously melting hot chocolate and bottling it within their Choc Shot.




Not only can you use Choc Shot to make a hot chocolate without risking the powdery lumps at the bottom of the mug, the orange spice flavour is a great way to make our instant porridge pots fantastically festive winter warmers!

Try adding a squeeze of the Orange Spiced Choc Shot to our Plain Instant Porridge Pots or Plain No Added Sugar Porridge Sachets – you’ll be enjoying a festive chocolate treat in no time.  




A Low Calorie Chocolate Porridge Topping

Choc Shot products are sweetened using an alternative to sugar, which is derived from fruit. This makes the Orange Spiced Choc Shot a great product for anyone looking to reduce the amount of sugar in their diet. As a guide, Choc Shot Orange Spice tips the scales at just 14 calories per teaspoon.

All products manufactured by Sweet Freedom (including the Orange Spiced Choc Shot) are gluten-free with low GI, which makes them suitable to be enjoyed by diabetics as part of a varied and healthy diet. Choc Shot is also registered with the Vegan Society, making it a great addition to a vegan store cupboard!

choc shot

Don’t forget that until the 3rd January 2017, each order made through the MOMA shop will include a bottle of Orange Spiced Choc Shot. Why not try our Spiced Choc Orange Porridge Pot recipe below for some inspiration?

Spiced Choc-Orange Porridge Pot Recipe

X1 Plain No Added Sugar Porridge Pot

X2 teaspoons of Sweet Freedom Choc Shot Orange Spice

X1 Orange zested, then peeled and segmented

A sprinkle of mixed spice


  • Peel the lid from the No Added Sugar Porridge Pot and put the kettle on to boil
  • Pour hot water into the porridge pot, up to the fill line and stir thoroughly
    • Set aside and let the oats absorb the water until they are the perfect creamy texture for you
      • Don’t forget you can always add more hot water if the oats are a little thick!
  • Measure out your Choc Shot Orange Spice onto your teaspoon, and swirl into the porridge – you’ll now be smelling the chocolate and spices mingling with your oats!
    • Add more or less Choc Shot Orange Spice depending on how chocolatey you like your porridge to be!
  • Top your porridge with the orange zest and arrange the orange segments on top
  • Finish with a sprinkle of mixed spice and even another drizzle of your Choc Shot Orange Spice

So give it a try and share some of your Choc Shot Porridge Pot snaps with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

*Offer valid until January 3rd 2017.