Conversation-starters for your morning commute

Conversation-starters for your morning commute

Would you find it unusual if a stranger approached you for a conversation on your commute to work? Or worse yet, would you try and swerve out of the way to avoid any morning jibber-jabber altogether?

As you probably already know, MOMA believe in making mornings more awesome and what better way to brighten up your morning than to strike up a conversation with your fellow commuters!

In this article we’ll share our top tips on the best ways to spark up some friendly chit-chat on your daily commute. But first, let’s see if we can pin down why some commuters shy away from conversation in the first place…

Location, Location, Location…

Could it really be that where we’re from directly determines how chatty we are? We’re not convinced just yet! However, recent research has suggested that certain cities may actually be more friendly than others…

According to survey results from Provident, Londoners ranked themselves as the least friendly city in the UK, whereas Wrexham came up top trumps as the most polite, friendly and welcoming city in the UK!

We recently commissioned a survey which looked at the population of morning people in the UK. People from London and Yorkshire and the Humber were the guiltiest culprits for not speaking to people in the morning. However, more Londoners eat breakfast before starting their day than any other region in the UK; so I suppose we can let them off!

Whilst a friendly chat on the tube may get a frosty reception at first, we strongly believe all it takes is a few small changes to turn that morning commute into a something to look forward to!

Maybe you’re just not a morning person…?

There are two types of people in this world and they are morning people and non-morning people. Can you guess which type we are?

Morning people usually spring out of bed; energetic, excited and elated at the thought of a new day. Whereas for non-morning people, getting into the swing of things usually takes a little bit longer.

Could this be the reason why most people shy away from a chat on their morning commute?

Morning person or not, starting the day with a healthy, energy-packed breakfast can help you to perk up in those early hours and give you enough gusto to strike up a conversation on your trip to work!  

Take a look at our recipes for some hearty, healthy breakfast inspo…

Snooze much?

We found that Britain’s night owls are losing out on as much as 267 days of their life by hitting the snooze button in the morning!

Whilst those extra minutes in bed may feel great when you’re tucked up under the covers, less time to eat, prepare for the day and relax, can leave you feeling more rushed and stressed as a result.

Research has shown that emotions can be contagious. So if you wake up feeling refreshed, and happy, you can pass on your positive vibes by striking up a conversation and brightening your fellow commuters’ day too!

If you consider yourself a night owl and find yourself hitting the snooze button regularly, click here to learn 7 ways to make your mornings a bit easier!

6 top tips for sparking friendly chit-chat!

Whether you take the bus, train or tube to work, with over 65 million people in UK you’re more than likely to find a like-minded person to have a chat with! Here are our 6 top tips to help you do just that:

  1. Smile! – Smiling at someone can easily make someone’s day and provide a great starting point for a conversation. Try it for yourself!
  2. Ditch the headphones – Simply taking your earphones out of your ears lets others know that you’re open for a chat and ready to listen.
  3. Leave your phone in your bag or jacket – Instead of staring at your phone screen for the duration of your commute, try and greet your fellow transport-goers with a smile and ‘hello’. A simple greeting can open up a world of conversation in the morning!
  4. Ask for directions – If you’re nervous about approaching a stranger for a conversation, try starting by asking a genuine question or asking for directions. This can spark a casual chat and give you the confidence to speak to others!
  5. Dish out the compliments – There’s no better way to make someone feel good than giving them a compliment. This can brighten their day and incite a nice chat that could blossom into a genuine friendship!
  6. Comment on the weather – Us Brits love a good natter about the weather, as it’s something that we can all relate to. This simple conversation starter is sure to get the ball rolling!

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