Dogs + Yoga = DOGA? 🐶

Dogs + Yoga = DOGA? 🐶

Make the most of your morning by perfecting your downward facing dog under the watchful eye of a real pro - your pooch!

A perfect pre-work workout for you and your pup!

Like yoga? Like dogs? Then boy, have we got the class for you!

Founded by Mahny Djahanguiri, Doga (dog yoga) is exactly what it says on the tin – yoga with your dog! The idea is that yoga can be beneficial for pooches and people alike, and that practising together can help improve the relationship between you and your pup as well as reducing anxiety and improving fitness.

This seemed to us to be the perfect way to start any day, so, accompanied by MOMA’s own mutts, Mable and Monty, we headed to Shoreditch for an early morning session.

Mable practices doga!

The class begins with an intro from the pros, Mahny and her Bichon Frise, Robbie. There’s understandable havoc going on as a French bulldog takes a rather graphic liking to Monty, and a Burmese mountain dog marks his territory on a yoga mat or two. However, as the class goes on, the increasing levels of zen have an effect on both human and hound and the chaos begins to calm.

Make the most of your morning with doga

At the end of the class, we spoke to Mahny about how Doga was born and about making the most of her mornings:

What inspired you to found Doga?

I began as an Ashtanga yoga teacher, specifically teaching inner city children.  The children were often in very playful and mischievous moods and trying to grab their attention and control rarely worked.  I realised that I began to lose my energy, and if you’re not the leader of your own energy children won’t follow.  I then decided to let them be, and carrying on with my teachings, slowly but surely peace was restored and all the kids were on board.

Odd as it may seem, and I then thought I could apply this dogs – who are often mischievous through anxiety.  If I could find a way to restore their inner peace and calm in the same way I had with the children then we would be in a great place.  From this, DOGA, Yoga for you and your dog was born!  I see it yoga as therapy for all.

How do you start your day?

I always start the day with a yoga session.  When Robbie (my dog) is in the mood he’ll join in but sometimes he’s not and that’s okay!  I’ll then enjoy a good breakfast of coffee and a croissant or sometimes Bircher Muesli (as a Swiss national I love my oats this way!).  I love to add mixed berries, especially strawberries and banana to my bircher muesli.  We’ll then go for some bonding time just me and Robbie on a walk round Hampstead Heath.

How would you make the most of your morning, if you found you had some extra time?

If I could save myself some more time in the morning, I’d try and do more Bhuddist chanting.  It really helps me to create my intentions and align my visions for the day – I like to think it opens my heart to being more compassionate.  I’d love to have more time to spend with my dog and just appreciate his company rather than staring at my phone the whole time, which we all do!

Fancy making the most of your morning with a dose of doga? Find out more information here.