Hacks to help you make the most of your mornings

Hacks to help you make the most of your mornings

If you’re wondering how to get extra time in bed in the mornings, you’re certainly not alone! Dragging yourself out of bed in the morning is tough at the best of times, but it can be almost impossible on cold and dark winter mornings.

We spoke to people across the country about their morning habits, and have put together our list of the weird and wonderful tips Brits use to sleep in a little longer.

Brush your teeth in the shower

Taking multi-tasking to the next level, 6% of us choose to brush our teeth whilst taking a shower in the morning. Every minute counts when you’re trying to get extra shut-eye!

Putting on makeup whilst commuting

For those of you with a steady hand, you may choose to put your makeup on whilst on your commute to work. From buses to tubes, keep an eye out for your fellow alarm-snoozers doing their makeup on your next journey into the office; just be sure to watch out for bumpy roads and potholes!

Have your breakfast on the go

If you’re not a morning person, getting up early to make a nutritious breakfast can seem like an impossible task. Nearly 10% of us choose to skip breakfast, and 5% of Brits will forgo a morning cup of coffee to stay in bed longer.

Speedy and delicious instant porridge can be a great time saver, a hearty winter breakfast perfect for those of us short on time. Why not try our delicious instant porridge pots and treat yourself to breakfast al-desk-o!

Making the most of your commute

Not content with just putting on makeup whilst commuting, 4% of Brits use their commute to get a head start on their day. By catching up on emails, making a start on the day’s work, or putting together a to-do list whilst on the move, you can sneak some precious extra moments in bed in the morning.

Did you know? The average UK commute is 54 minutes long – plenty enough time to clear out your inbox and get ahead on your work.

Preparing the night before

As the old saying goes, ‘failing to prepare is preparing to fail’! 15% of us like to decide on what clothes we’re going to wear before going to bed, and many will also pack our bags for work too. This means time spent getting ready in the morning is as efficient as possible, so you can sneak an extra 5 minutes under your duvet.

Incredibly, 1% of Brits say they sleep in their work clothes, so they can get going as soon as they’re out of bed!

Snoozing the alarm

If you’re not a morning person, your alarm clock is likely your biggest enemy, and the snooze button your best friend! 6% of us are guilty of being serial-snoozers, with most of us snoozing the alarm up to 4 times every morning. Also, 7% of us will set our alarm clock for the last possible minute to get as much sleep as possible!

How do you make sure you get as long as possible in bed in the mornings? Share your weird and wonderful tips with us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook!