Hip and Healthy Awesome Morning Tips

Hip and Healthy Awesome Morning Tips

Hip & Healthy, the wellness and lifestyle blog, has offered up MOMA fans a list of top five tips to make your morning that little bit more awesome. Take on the challenge, try them all our, and let us know all about your awesome morning.


Five simple steps to achieve your awesome morning . . .

  1. Run Commute.
    We know how it goes, you get the idea to be all productive and run to work, you eagerly lay your new backpack and trainers out the night before and hit the pillow early ready for your epic commute. Then the alarm goes off, it’s still dark outside, your duvet is so cosy and before you know it you’ve hit that infamous snooze button and find the only running you’re doing for the day is for the train.But why not actually do it? Why not talk the talk and run the run and get up, seize the day, and make yourself proud by donning your runner’s backpack and using your otherwise mundane commute to get the day started with a rush of endorphins? Banish your alarm clock to the other side of the room to show that snooze who’s boss, sleep in your running tights if you have to, but get out and face the morning like the wellness warrior you are!
  2. Say no to the seat.
    Have you ever tried standing on public transport? Rather than going on autopilot and parking your bottom straight down every time you get on the tube, or glaring at that girl who beat you to the last seat on the bus, take the opportunity to give your vital inner core muscles a workout on your way to work. The unstable motion of buses and trains makes for a really excellent abs blaster if you pull your belly button in, bend your knees ever so slightly and focus on staying as still as possible while your driver hurtles you to your destination. Just remember to hold onto the rail!
  3. Find your inner yogi.
    Flop out of bed and onto your yoga mat a few times each week and wake your muscles, digestion and mind up with a gentle, flowy stretch-sesh. There’s no need to commit to a structured practice that requires pre-planning, just go with what feels good in the moment to stretch and lengthen your limbs after they’ve been curled up overnight. This is also a great opportunity to enjoy the silence of the morning before the day kicks off and indulge in some short but restorative meditation at the same time.
  4. Move over Colgate.
    The morning is the perfect time to introduce the ancient Ayurvedic practice of oil into your daily routine without having to take time from the rest of your busy day! Take a tablespoon of coconut oil and swill it around your mouth for 10-15 minutes every morning whilst you shower and do your make-up. Whilst you go about your usual routine, the oil will work to whiten your teeth, clear out toxins from your mouth, freshen your breath and increase energy for the day ahead. Then just spit it out, brush your teeth and go about your day healthier than you were ten minutes before!
  5. Plain and simple; water.
    Incorporating health into your morning routine needn’t be novel or completely day-altering. Sometimes it is the small things that can most effectively transform your wellness if you only make them a habit. Indeed, one of the best things you can do to start your day the right way is to drink a pint of water with lemon immediately upon rising.This simple practice is one followed by the most successful healthies to ensure they are the embodiment of that age-old imperative ‘rise and shine’.  Making lemon water the first thing into your system in the morning rehydrates you from your overnight fast, balances PH levels in the body, reduces inflammation and nourishes brain and nerve cells, all with a shot of vitamin C to boot!