Hey London, Start your Day Awesome!

Hey London, Start your Day Awesome!

We've been working with top online magazine London on the Inside to give you some fab tips to make the most of your mornings and start the day awesome. Why not make this a tick list of sorts, and let us know when you've completed it? We'll look forward to all those awesome pics on twitter!


Did you know 50% of commuters do nothing on their morning commute? Those are the people who look miserable, day dreaming of throwing their boss repeatedly through concrete walls that you see staring blankly on the tube.

Well don’t let that be you. Rethink your morning and imagine your mood once you begin your working day having done one of these activities…

Cities at Dawn

No one can deny London is one beautiful city. What better way to capture that beauty than in one of Anthony Epes’ Cities at Dawn’s workshops, where you’ll be guided into creating your very own photographic vision of London Town before dawn. Prices start from £200.



Morning Gloryville Rave

Sometimes you just need to shake it, shake it, shake it like a Polaroid Picture! So dance your morning into a real good, feel good mood with Morning Gloryville and their conscious clubbing experience. Don’t fear, it is completely alcohol free and is attended by city workers, media folk, artists, dancers and people who embrace mornings. No skills required, no power moves, just make it up and wake up people. Tickets start from £14 plus booking fee



Kings cross POND

You don’t need an urban spa to feel the tranquility and calmness that water can bring…not when there is a 10m wide by 40m long clean and clear water pond right in Kings Cross. The swimming pool is surrounded by wild flowers, grasses, and bushes so that the environment evolves as the seasons change. Sounds like morning bliss right in the heart of one of London’s busiest boroughs to us. £6.50 for peak swims, £3.50 for non-peak swims. Get your speedos on.


Hyde Park Stables

How about a horse ride through Central London? Taking place in the famous Hyde Park offering beautiful views as you stroll along the Serpentine lake, the Hyde Park Stables are on hand to take you through the basics or put you through your paces depending on experience. Whatever that might be, you won’t have a long face as you pop off to work after spending the morning with these beauties will you. Prices from £85.

hyde park


The London Helicopter

Whiz through the air seeing London’s iconic skyline from above with the inevitable theme tune from EastEnders in your mind. Still, what could give you more of an inspirational and thrilling morning than a helicopter tour taking in birds eye views of London’s most famous and treasured landmarks. Chopper tours start from Battersea Heliport and follow the river Thames for the duration of the flight which takes around 20 minutes. Now, can you spot your house?