Make a Difference with Mary’s Meals on World Porridge Day

Make a Difference with Mary’s Meals on World Porridge Day

World Porridge Day is almost here and we’re extremely excited about it here at MOMA.

Here in the UK, the vast majority of us are lucky enough to enjoy a healthy, nutritious and filling breakfast to kickstart our mornings. We love how our porridge makes us feel awesome and really sets us up for the rest of the day. But for those in poverty, breakfast is considered a luxury.

It’s not unusual for children living in poverty to go days without a nourishing breakfast, yet without it and the energy it provides, they can find it difficult to concentrate in school.

A daily nutritious breakfast can be the difference between these children making the most out of life and missing out on some incredible opportunities given to them.That’s where Mary’s Meals comes in.

Read on to find out more about this incredible charity and how you can help them achieve their goals on World Porridge Day.

Who are Mary’s Meals?

‘Mary’s Meals’ is a fantastic charity, that supports people that live in some of the world’s poorest areas.

Mary’s Meals charity does this by providing a meal to children for each day that they attend school. A meal a day from the charity not only helps the children to concentrate at school, but supports their families too, by lessening the worry of having to provide breakfast everyday for them.

The charity currently works hard providing a meal a day to over 1.1 million children in the following countries; Zambia, Benin, Myanmar, Ecuador, Haiti, India, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, South Sudan, Thailand and Uganda, but are hoping to expand their aid and support to other locations across the globe, too.

Of course, this expansion is only possible with the help of of others. Public donations are essential for Mary’s Meals to continue their amazing work.

How can you help on World Porridge Day?

World Porridge Day is just around the corner and if you’re planning on tucking into a sumptuous bowl of warm, filling porridge to mark the occasion, spare a thought for the children who may have to go without.

#PorridgeSmiles is a fun and easy way to do your bit and to get involved with providing meals to children in poor countries. All you have to do is get creative with your MOMA porridge, and make some fun, funky and fabulous faces in your porridge, using any toppings of your choice.

Once you’re happy with your porridge face, it’s time for that all important donation. Simply text “OATS16 £2” to 70070, and your small donation will see a child in poverty enjoy a warm, filling bowl of porridge – like yours – for a month.

Take pictures of your works of art and share them across social media – don’t forget to use the #PorridgeSmiles! Alternatively you can email the pictures to Mary’s Meals, where your porridge smile could make it to their hall of fame!

If you enjoy a bowl of porridge for your breakfast, think about how much joy that same bowl of porridge could bring to someone in need.

To find out more about Mary’s Meals and World Porridge Day, head over to their site to see what they have achieved so far.