MOMA x 9 Round: Make the Most of Your Morning
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MOMA x 9 Round: Make the Most of Your Morning

In need of a workout that gets your heart pumping without taking up your whole morning? Look no further than 9Round.

We know how mornings can be. They’re manic at the best of times, so finding the time to squeeze in a workout can feel impossible. Luckily for you busy bees, 9Round is here. Harking from Australia, this kickboxing gym is designed to maximise those precious morning minutes.

The premise is simple: 9 rounds of hard work lasting 3 minutes each with a 30 second breather between each one. Each round focuses on a different element of fitness, whether that be mobility, core strength or boxing technique. That means you work up a sweat, put your body through your paces and have fun in just over half an hour – meaning you can squeeze in a workout before work!

Team MOMA are keen 9Rounders, so we chatted to club managers Stacey & Susanne about the workouts and how they make the most of their mornings.

MOMA’s Laura and Ollie hit 9Round


  • What is 9Round all about?

9Round is a full body kickboxing workout for people of all fitness levels. It’s fast, effective and fun with brand new workouts daily. Personal trainers guide and motivate you through your workout, tailoring the exercises to your specific goals and needs. We provide advice on all things health and fitness, including nutrition. The workouts are only 30 minutes long and burns on average 500 calories.

  • How important is breakfast when working out?

It is important that your body is fuelled either before or after you exercise, eating breakfast supplies you with energy you will use throughout the day. Having oats, porridge or muesli will give you instant energy which can be used to boost your workouts and leave you feeling satisfied.

  • How do you start your mornings?

We start our mornings EARLY! With a filling breakfast and training our members hard to make sure they get the most out of their mornings too, and of course a coffee!

  • If you had a bit of extra time in the morning, how would you make the most of that extra time?

We’d have a workout at 9Round before starting to train our members! Releasing endorphins and working our brains and muscles help to wake us up and boost energy levels for the rest of the day.

  • What advice would you give to people who want to make more of their mornings like you do?

Get up early, giving yourself time to enjoy a satisfying breakfast and hit the gym. Having time to do things for yourself in the morning will make you so much more productive during your day. It is important to start every day with a relaxed and positive mindset.

  • How can people get involved with 9round?

We offer a FREE trial session for anybody interested in trying out our gym. Come along for a challenging 30 minute workout and feel the benefits for yourself. You can sign up for your trial at or call us on 02086922502