Mondomulia Awesome Morning Tips

Mondomulia Awesome Morning Tips

Mondomulia, the food blogger lets us in on what makes her morning awesome and also shares her top 5 morning breakfast dishes in London. Let us know if there are any awesome breakfast dishes out there that didn't make her list, we're always on the hunt for more!


The secret to making the morning the best part of my day is to take the time to prepare breakfast and to sit down and enjoy it. I am definitely a morning person so getting out of bed in the morning is rarely a struggle. What makes me want to to get up, of course, is the thought of having a tasty breakfast and cup of coffee.

I never grab breakfast on the go or skip breakfast, as I believe breakfast should be a well balanced meal, full of nutrients to start my body and keep my energy up throughout the morning.not sure this is particularly on brand as we champion breakfast especially on the go . . .

For a healthy and filling breakfast, I mix the contents of a MOMA oats porridge pot with dessicated coconut, flaked almonds, fresh berries or figs (if in season) and drizzle Manuka honey on top. Oats are great for breakfast, because they give a long gradual release of energy, which helps to keep your blood sugar levels stable and keeps you full for long.

I would accompany my porridge bowl with a slice of sourdough bread and peanut butter (made with 100% peanuts, no palm oil, no added salt) and a cup of coffee. I prepare filter coffee with the Aeropress, using light-roasted, freshly-ground single origin beans.

I like the ritual of preparing breakfast at home, with my husband, and then sit down at the table to enjoy it together. Once we are out of the door and the day officially starts, it’s a race to get our work done, run errands, meet friends. It’s hard to find another moment of calm during our busy lives, so I always make sure I start my day with half an hour at the dining table, consciously eating my breakfast.

Breakfast is also my favourite time to meet friends or clients: restaurants are usually quiet at this time of the day, it’s easy to get a reservation and the bill never comes too high. I am feeling full of energy and focus in the mornings, so it’s my best time to perform well in a work meeting.

We are spoilt for choice in London when looking for an amazing breakfast, as most restaurants have upped their game in recent years offering a sophisticated and unique breakfast menu. My favourite places in London for an awesome breakfast range from fancy venues like Duck & Waffle to low-key cafes like M1lk.

My top 5 Awesome Morning breakfast dishes in London:

  1. Duck & Waffle: Duck & Waffle could get away with just the location and still be fully booked, but the truth is they are very serious about food, with a menu that is updated regularly to keep it seasonal and attractive for returning customers. My favourite breakfast dish here is the Full Elvis Belgian Waffle: peanut butter & jelly, bananas brûlée, Chantilly cream, fresh berries and chocolate chips.
  1. Dishoom: Dishoom is an all day restaurant inspired by the Irani cafes of the old Bombay (most of them have closed down in Mumbai nowadays). I love their breakfast menu, in particular the Bacon & Egg Naan Roll, where the naan comes wrapped around two fried eggs with runny yolk, Ginger Pig’s smoked streaky bacon, chilli jam and spicy green herbs. You must have it with a glass of chai.
  1. The Ivy Chelsea Garden: this new restaurant in Kings Road is a great spot for breakfast, especially in warm summer days when you can have it in their beautiful garden. The Avocado, Tomato and Sesame dish (with Chopped avocado with roasted plum tomatoes and poached, hen’s eggs on toasted seed loaf with spicy sesame dressing) is definitely worth trying!
  1. M1lk: undoubtedly one of the best brunch spots in London, M1lk is the reason many north Londoners cross the river to south west of the city on a weekend morning. Get there early to beat the queues and order The Convict: proper english muffin, dry-cured bacon, moens & sons sausage, burford brown egg, poacher hash, hangover sauce.
  1. St John Bakery Room: The tiny cafe on Maltby Street in Bermondsey is the latest opening from the St John group, renowned for their two restaurants in Farringdon and Spitalfields. Why is it great? Because they make the best Old Spot Bacon Sandwich in London! It’s really extraordinary in every little detail: the bacon from Gloucester Old Spot pigs, the bread (a soft sandwich loaf which is baked on site and toasted over an open char grill) and the ketchup (also homemade using tomatoes, vinegar, spices, apples.

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