MOMA Morning Expert – Lily Jones

MOMA Morning Expert – Lily Jones

Here at MOMA we love a good morning tip, and where better to get those tips from than the morning experts themselves? We've spoken to some of London's busiest morning people, to see what get's them going in the morning. Let's find out what makes Lily Jones, artisan baker and celeb cake maker's morning.

MOMA Morning Expert – Lily Jones, Lil Vanilli
Artisan baker and cake maker to the stars

What time do you rise in the morning?
I get up around 6-7am.

Do you do anything the night before to make your morning easier?
Read, drink water, make sure the curtains are open.

What do you guys listen to in the bakery?
When were baking, Metallica, Go Betweens, Sabbath, Gillian Welch, Gene Clark, Mitch Hedberg if it’s a good day.

Tea, Coffee, sometimes cake, sometimes oats, fruit and seeds from the store.

Best part of your morning?
The first hour when everything feels quiet and secret. Just that the city is prettier at that hour, quieter and has the nicest light. Familiar street are empty, it feels cleaner and calmer. Otherwise I’m quite solitary in the early morning so not really going to coffee shops/etc.

Do you have a favourite coffee place?
I make us coffees in the bakery, we have a beautiful new La Marzocco and it’s nice to try and improve my amateur coffee skills.

Do you have a favourite flower seller on columbia road?
Karl! He’s only there on Sundays though. He’s been trading on the market for 35 years, since he was 10 years old.

What motivates you to do it every morning?
My routine is pretty varied, no fixed working hours/days during the week but I always like being up early even if there’s nothing to do. Time for yoga, reading, thinking. It’s a good start to the day and it’s the most peaceful time I get.