Porridge Season is HERE! World Porridge Day 2017

Porridge Season is HERE! World Porridge Day 2017

It’s the day we’ve been looking forward to all year - World Porridge Day!

October officially marks the start of Porridge Season (at least in our world it does)!

Porridge dishes from all over the globe

Porridge is one of the most nutritious breakfasts you can eat, packed full of fibre, protein and B vitamins. All of these fantastic factors explain just why a wholesome, warming bowl of porridge is such a popular choice on breakfast tables all over the globe.

To give World Porridge Day the recognition it deserves, back in 2015 we travelled the globe to see how other countries eat their morning oats. As it happens, there’s so much more to the original oat than we first thought! From cheese topped grits popular in the US, to Chinese rice congee porridge, complete with a savoury twist.

Find out how some of these delicious dishes are made, here!

We’re supporting Farm Fresh Revolution!

Living in the UK means that the vast majority of us are lucky enough to have a wide variety of nutritious breakfast options to choose from each morning. But, for some families in the UK, a filling breakfast might not be so easy to come by. This is why we’re delighted to announce a partnership with an amazing UK charity for 2017’s World Porridge Day.

Farm Fresh Revolution is a charity dedicated to education. Their goal is to inspire young families to get involved with the entire food production process, from farm gate to school gate.

To do this, the team over at Fresh Farm Revolution connect passionate farmers with young families all through their free grocery giveaways. Packed full of nutritious and wholesome food, these grocery packs are there to motivate families away from the couch and back into the kitchen.

One for One + 20% off your next MOMA order

Spurred on by the amazing work done by the team over at Farm Fresh Revolution, we’ve got a special oatie offering just for you.

Between now and next Monday 16th October, we’re offering 20% off orders made in the MOMA shop PLUS for every porridge pot bought during this time, we’ll be donating one to Farm Fresh Revolution to include within their grocery bags!

Click here to visit the shop to make a morning more awesome for another family in the UK.