MOMA Morning Expert – Symmetry Breakfast

MOMA Morning Expert – Symmetry Breakfast

Here at MOMA we love a good morning tip, and where better to get those tips from than the morning experts themselves? We've spoken to some of London's busiest morning people, to see what get's them going in the morning. Let's find out what makes Symmetry Breakfast's Morning.

MOMA Morning Expert – Symmetry Breakfast
Creating symmetrical breakfast imagery every morning for their instagram community

What time do you rise in the morning?

On a weekday my first alarm is set for 6am, second for 6.15 and third for 6.30. I’m normally up and in the bathroom somewhere in that first 30 minutes

What is your alarm ringtone?

On my iPhone I go with ‘Ripples’ nice and soothing first thing

Other than your alarm, what’s the first noise you hear in the morning? (For example: kettle boiling/bird chirping)

Cupboards, plates, jars all slamming around as I pretend to know exactly what I’m going to make every single morning like a pro.


Do you have any morning rituals?

Breakfast of course! Somedays I don’t even feel hungry, it’s become so habitual that now if I don’t eat it I’ll take it to work for lunch, but I always have to make something

Likewise, do you have any nighttime rituals that make your early start easier?

I make sure the kitchen is spotless before going to bed, it’s a million times nicer to cook in when everything is back in its right place

Do you listen to the same radio station in the morning or playlist? If so, what?

Almost always the same radio station, its called DeeGay Classic and I use the TuneIn Radio app on my phone to listen. It’s the best radio station I’ve ever heard, I can’t even remember how I came across it but I recommend it to absolutely everyone.

Do you share your early starts with anyone? (family or co workers etc.)

Most days are with Mark my other half

If you were given an extra hour in the morning, what would you do with it?

I would 100% do some exercise. Other than getting up to cook breakfast every single day at 6am I can be pretty lazy the rest of the time, although saying that I do cycle to work so I guess that’s ok.

What is the best part of your morning?

Waking up early and realising you still have a bit more time!

Do you find time for exercise in the morning? If so, what?

I occasionally walk to E5 BakeHouse at 7am for the fresh croissants, that’s exercise

What is something you can’t go without in the morning?

If I don’t have coffee I do miss it, forget your ‘power smoothie’ I actually love the jitters!

What makes your morning awesome?

SymmetryBreakfast has transformed my mornings, we get to eat amazing food, visit amazing places, meet wonderful people. I never imagined it would be possible to do so much before 9am.  The most amazing thing is that it does push me to seek out new things that I would never normally do. One of the best things to do if you live in London is visit Billingsgate Market in the wee hours and get some killer fish or oysters for a dinner. Then treat yourself to a bacon and scallop sandwich in the café where all the market workers go. Then get the DLR home and sit at the front.

What advice would you give to someone who is definitely not a morning person?

Get a boyfriend or girlfriend that is and just be really good in bed in return

What motivates you to do it everyday?

Mark is the driving force behind it all, none of it would have happened without him.