Why eating breakfast is awesome

Why eating breakfast is awesome

Here at MOMA we believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, for breakfast enthusiasts everywhere, here’s our top 5 reasons for why you shouldn’t skip an all-star start to the day. Breakfast sceptics read on, we dare you!

Memory Fuel

Are you reaching for the orange juice for your morning coffee rather than the milk? Breakfast can help you to see through the morning haze. There’s a ton of studies which prove that eating breakfast is likely to improve the cognitive functions of your brainy bits. From remembering your keys to silencing morning jitters on exam day, jump in on breakfast and you’ll be much more likely to remember what you need to get along in the rest of your day.

Charge up for the day

A well balanced breakfast is one of the most important elements of kick-starting your day. Trusty food groups and nutritional bases are our very own superheroes, when it comes to keeping even the laziest of us going. Oats are a top contenders for brain fuel, as they provide glucose, or blood sugar, in a slow and steady stream to keep your power levels up throughout the day. Whilst foods like sugary cereals and chocolate provide a temporary sugar spark, these bursts of energy are short lived and followed by a sudden crash that will leave you daydreaming of your bed whilst stuck at your desk. Dreading that mid-morning slump? Don’t worry, oats have your back.

Wave goodbye to overeating

It’s a total myth amongst craze-dieters that skipping breakfast will cut down your calorie intake, it simply makes you hungrier you at lunch. This means that we tend to overeat after skipping the most awesome meal of the day, leaving us less healthy and grumpier than if we’d opted for a super and balanced breakfast. Eating breakfast after your body has slowed down during that all essential snooze-time also gives your metabolism the kick it needs to get going for the day.

Breakfast of the day, everyday

Make your own morning special! Jazz things up a little. Breakfast is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to an awesome looking start to the day. We can all dream of having a personal chef to cook us up a breakfast-time storm. With delicious and beautiful recipes, pretending is made easy. Using our bestselling plain no added sugar porridge  you have the perfect base for simple yet foodstagram-worthy breakfasts. Want to spark up your weekend brunch with something a little different? How about savoury porridge ideas such as egg, cheese and bacon oatmeal, a super cheeky alternative to a full English.

Avoid the nasties

This mighty meal can also help 1-up your health bar. From reduced risk of diabetes to obesity, the health benefits of eating breakfast deserve some major attention….aside from the super tasty perks of course. Skipping out on breakfast can cause your body to resist insulin, which is what puts us in the firing line of diabetes and other health nasties. These conditions are the supervillains that our superfoods are fighting to defeat. Handy, right? However, it’s important to remember that not all breakfast foods were created equal and a bad breakfast is about as much use as no breakfast at all. Sticking to a well-balanced breakfast that’s centred round carbohydrates, protein, fibre vitamins and minerals is the way forward to an awesome start to your day!

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