Why are Yog-Oat Smoothies so awesome?

Why are Yog-Oat Smoothies so awesome?

No matter whether you want a breakfast on the go, a way to get through the mid-morning slump or just a tasty snack, our Yog-Oat Smoothies are the perfect solution to all your oatie needs! Take a look below to find out why we think Yog-Oat Smoothies are so awesome!

Our Yog-Oat Smoothies are packed with smooth oats, low fat yoghurt and real fruit. If that wasn’t enough to whet your appetite, we’re here to tell you why Yog-Oat Smoothies are awesome!


You can enjoy Yog-Oat Smoothies absolutely anywhere…on a train, in a park or at your desk! Our Yog-Oat Smoothies can be enjoyed at anytime of the day, whether it be breakfast or as a midday snack!

Nutritional Value

Here at MOMA we think all breakfasts should be healthy. Yog-Oat Smoothies are a great source of both protein and fibre, and have no added sugar! You can enjoy the great taste and know that you’re giving your body the right kind of fuel it needs to get through the day.

Slow Energy Release

When you wake up it’s important that you break your body’s sleepy fast with the nutrients it needs to face the day. Oats are a great source of slow release carbohydrates that help to keep hunger at bay as they provide the energy you need to make it to lunch, or if you’re enjoying a Yog-Oat Smoothie as a mid-day snack, dinner!

Clever Little Oats

As well as providing your body with energy, the clever little oats in a Yog-Oat Smoothie can help to lower cholesterol. They contain soluble fibre that reduces the absorption of cholesterol into the bloodstream. If this wasn’t enough, these awesome oats also are a source of iron and magnesium that are essential minerals for a balanced diet and healthy body.

Tasty Times

We’ve listed a whole host of health benefits, but what about taste? We take pride in the fact that our Yog-Oat Smoothies provide you with a taste sensation. No matter whether you prefer Strawberry and Banana or Mango and Peach, remember to give the bottle a good shake to activate those fruity flavours!

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