NEW! MOMA Oat Drink


We learned that the hard way. But you can get a delicious, nutritious and incredibly versatile drink from one. If you know your oats like we do…

We’ve used only the best quality wholegrain oats, packed with good-for-you fibres like beta-glucan*, which help to maintain cholesterol levels for a healthy heart. Then we’ve doubled down on the good stuff, adding calcium and vitamins D, B2 & B12.

And voilà! A creamy oat drink with a subtle flavour that’s delicious in, well, just about anything!

Now available in Sainsbury's!

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How it's made

It's not easy to make an oat drink. We spent years developing our Barista & Original recipes with the help of our very own product scientist. Frankly, we think we've nailed it - but we'll let you be the judge!

Here's a handy guide to how oat drinks are made, MOMA-style!

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