What is Oat Milk Good For?

June 6, 2024

Some things deserve to be enduringly popular; the music legend Cher, peonies in May, banana bread fresh out of the oven. Oat milk deservedly features high on this list. Creamy, malty and extremely versatile, Oat milk is packed with benefits.

What is Oat Milk Good For?

MOMA Barista Oat is fortified with calcium, iodine and vitamins D3, B2 & B12 for extra goodness in every cup. Fully foamable and non-splitting, it's right at home in a silky smooth latte, foamy cappuccino or in a rich indulgent hot chocolate.

Oat milk is great for people following a dairy-free or vegan diet and can work well for those looking to lower their saturated fat intake. MOMA Organic Barista and MOMA Barista Professional, which is used in coffee shops, are both gluten-free making them perfect for those following a gluten-free diet too.

Where can I use Oat Milk? 

Aside from maintaining its status as top-tier in coffee, oat milk can also be used for cooking and baking. Have a hankering for a vegan cheese sauce? Oat milk is here for you. Need to whip up a vegan buttermilk? Just mix some lemon juice in with some oat milk, and voila!

We have a whole host of delicious vegan and dairy-free recipes on the MOMA blog. Our personal favourites include this vegan apple cake, these STUNNING Oat milk breakfast pancakes, and lunchtime classic Welsh Rarebit (but make it vegan). If you are looking for recipes that use oat milk, here are enough to throw several dinner parties.

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