Is oat milk gluten free?

March 8, 2024

Hello, it's your favourite oat experts back to chat about whether oats and oat milk are gluten-free or not.

We know there is a need for gluten-free dairy alternative milk options. So, when we developed the recipe for our MOMA Organic Barista oat drink, it was important to us that it was also gluten-free. In January, we also launched our gluten-free MOMA Professional Barista oat drink. Although this isn't sold in supermarkets, it is used wherever a professional Barista makes your coffee. That means both of these products are suitable for people intolerant to gluten and suitable for coeliacs. 

So, if you go to a coffee shop that uses the white MOMA Professional Barista pack, you can rest assured that your oat coffee will be gluten-free. 

Want to know where to get a MOMA oat coffee? Head over to our Instagram to see some of the fantastic coffee shops that use our oat drink.

Are oats gluten free?

In practice, pure uncontaminated oats can be consumed safely by most but not all people with coeliac disease. However, for oats to be considered officially gluten-free, they must be specially produced, prepared and processed in isolation of other cereals. 

For oats to be considered gluten-free they must legally contain less than 20mg/kg (parts per million). 

Legally, oats are considered to be 'cereals containing gluten'. However, if they have been prepared and processed away from other cereals, and when analysed contain less than 20mg/kg (ppm) of gluten, they may be labelled as 'gluten-free'. 

You will still see oats in bold, because they are still an allergen. This is why, even on our MOMA Organic oat drink, and MOMA Professional Barista, you'll see in our ingredient’s gluten-free oats. 

Does MOMA oat milk contain gluten?

Our MOMA Organic oat drink and MOMA Professional Barista oat drink contain below the legal minimum of 20mg/kg (ppm) or gluten, meaning they are labelled as gluten-free. 

We ensure this in a variety of different ways. 100% of the oats we procure are fully traceable back to farm, and we can produce all field records on demand. Samples are taken of the oats when brought to site to be milled and sent to be tested for gluten-status. We have a colour-sorter within the mill that ejects any gluten containing materials. 

We also test for gluten on our production line, and our finished products are tested and cleared for under the legal threshold before they are released. 

We also conduct ad hoc testing over the life of our products for full batch validation. 

You can purchase our MOMA Organic Barista oat drink in Waitrose or on our web shop. If you would like to stock our gluten-free MOMA Professional Barista oat drink you can drop us an email at:

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