MOMA Bircher Muesli Wild Berry

The MOMA of all Oats.

Explore our oaty range of porridge pots & sachets, traditional bircher muesli, low sugar granola and dairy free oat drinks!


Our Porridge is the perfect blend of jumbo and fine British oats, giving a smooth creamy texture and a proper chunky porridge... just the way it should be. Choose from sachets, pots or boxes of sachets.

Bircher Muesli

Made with wholegrain British jumbo oats, soaked in apple juice, and mixed with low fat yoghurt and real fruit. Our Bircher is a perfectly balanced breakfast and available in four tasty flavours.


Made using British wholegrain jumbo oats & chicory root for natural sweetness, we slow bake our granola in small batches at a low temperature to achieve a deliciously toasted & nutty taste!



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