Is oat milk good in tea?

December 14, 2022

Does oat milk taste good in tea?

Oat milk is now the most popular alternative milk to use in coffee, but what about in a good old cup of tea? People who use milk alternatives often find that tea can be particularly tricky with splitting a key cause for concern as well as some pretty unpleasant tastes, but we are confident we’ve cracked it with our new chilled oat drinks, MOMA semi and whole

Why does oat milk go well with tea? 

Oat milk is generally seen to have a fairly neutral taste compared to other milk alternatives like coconut or almond milk so it doesn’t overpower the more delicate flavour of tea. At MOMA we never add sugar to our oat drinks so it won’t make your tea too sweet which is another problem people face when choosing the perfect plant milk. It can be a struggle to get the perfect colour of tea when using plant milks too but with our new chilled oat drinks we’re pretty confident you can get it just how you want it – which colour from the chart below is your go to? 

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Which of our oat drinks work best in tea? 

Just like with dairy milk, there are options based on the fat content which is totally down to personal taste – some people like semi-skimmed whereas others prefer whole milk, which is why our new chilled oat drinks come in two versions, semi and whole. Both are super creamy, fresh tasting and delicious, but our semi oat drink has a lower fat content so just use whichever you prefer. If you prefer to use ambient oat milks, then we would recommend our Original oat drink for using in tea as it’s a little less thick than our Barista oat drink. 

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