MOMA Morning People - Supercharge Your Deskfast!

October 13, 2017

Here at MOMA, we’ve set ourselves a challenge to help the people of Great Britain to step away from the snooze button and become morning people instead!

After speaking to members of the Great British public, we discovered that almost half of us (48%) are struggling to kickstart our days. What’s more, 4.6 million of us think those extra few winks in the morning are harming our careers! Get this - 1 in 6 people are choosing to skip breakfast to give themselves an extra 10 minutes in bed and that just won’t do! Without a delicious and nutritious breakfast to jumpstart your mornings, you’ll face miserable meetings and cranky conversations with your colleagues. Not to worry though, as we’re here to lend a helping hand. Find out how to make the most of breakfast at your desk - deskfast, if you will! This gives you as much time in the morning as possible to enjoy the warm comfort of your bed, all whilst reaping the benefits of a healthy breakfast afterwards!

It takes just 5 minutes...

...To make yourself a healthy deskfast that your colleagues will be envious of. From warming porridge to soothing greek yoghurt and frozen fruit, there’s plenty of healthy quick-fix breakfasts to enjoy throughout the week. Take some time at the weekend to draw up a breakfast plan for the week ahead, keeping three words in mind...quick, simple and healthy. Planning ahead of the week will help you to create 5-minute supercharged deskfasts that will set you up for the day and week ahead!

Keep your drawer stocked up!

Planning ahead will help you to make sure you have enough breakfast to last you the week. This will come in especially handy if you’re rushing along the street one day after a crazy commute, without the time to grab something along the way. Keep some nutritious nibbles in your desk drawer, along with a few fresh additions in the fridge. Take everything you need for 5 days of breakfast with you to work on Monday and you won’t have to worry about a rumbling tum for the rest of the week!

Let MOMA sort your mornings out

Our perfectly formed porridge pots and sachets are the daily deskfast-er’s dream! They’ll sit comfortably in your desk drawer until you’re ready to tuck in and what’s more, they take just 5 minutes to prepare! Take the time out of breakfast prep and use what time you save for catching a few more zzzz! From the awesome almond butter & salted caramel porridge to the autumnal apple & cinnamon, the chunky coconut & chia to the gorgeous golden syrup - our porridge range is bursting with a variety of flavours to add something different to your daily dose of oats. Why not try a different flavour from Monday through to Friday and find your new favourite?

Invest in some additional ingredients to perk up your porridge!

Add a personal touch to your MOMA instant porridge pot, with some of your own toppings. Stir through syrups, sprinkle some nuts & seeds or freshen up with some fruit!. There really is no limit to the fabulous flavours you can enjoy with MOMA! In need of some inspiration to brighten up your breakfast? Check out our top 4 favorite porridge topping ideas:
  1. Heart Healthy Porridge Topping Ideas
  2. Probiotic & prebiotic porridge toppings for a healthy gut
  3. MOMA’s Decadent Double Choc Oatmeal Porridge
  4. Pancake Inspired Porridge Pot Toppings
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