Does oat milk froth?

December 14, 2022

The foamability of our oat drinks is key and something we’ve worked really hard at improving so that everyone can enjoy their favourite frothy coffee at home.

Our Barista, Whole and Semi oat drinks are all fully foamable, and now our UK produced Original oat drink is too (just look out for the little union jack on the front of pack). We know not everyone has a coffee machine with a steam wand, so here are three ways to froth your oat milk at home using basic equipment.

3 ways to make oat milk froth

1. Milk frother 

For best results it’s probably worth investing in a milk frother, they start at about £45 and make lovely smooth microfoam. Super simple to use, you just add your oat milk and press go! You’ll be surprised just how much foam a little bit of oat milk can create. 

2. Frothing wand

Frothing wands range from about £5 -£15 so are a very affordable option. For best results, heat up your oat milk first. Once it’s warm, put the frother in and use it for a minute, moving it all around the surface.  The foam is likely to be less silky, and the foam disappears quicker than with a milk frother, but it’s still a good option. 

3. Cafetiere

You can also create foam using a cafetiere! Warm up your oat milk and add it to your empty cafetiere then pump the plunger up and down until you start to see a good amount of foam. Again, the quality of the foam won’t be as good as with a milk frother, but it still enables you to have a frothy coffee at home.

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