Does oat milk taste good in coffee?

September 30, 2022

Short answer – yes! Oat milk officially overtook other milk alternatives as the UK’s favourite plant milk in 2020, with use in coffee a key part of that. Lots of oat milks are available in a barista version, like MOMA Barista oat, and are made specifically with coffee in mind.

So what makes oat milk so good in coffee? We’ve identified 5 key things that make it a perfect coffee pairing…

Neutral taste

Unlike other non-dairy milk alternatives, oat milk doesn’t have an overpowering taste. This means you can add it to your coffee without it changing the flavour profile too much, similar to dairy.


A lot of oat drinks are designed especially for coffee, so try to replicate the smooth creaminess of full fat dairy milk. If this is what you’re after, make sure to look for a Barista oat milk or one with a fat content similar to whole milk.


When it comes to coffee, foamability is key. To be able to foam, the oat milk will need to have some fat added to it, so Barista oat drinks usually have a higher fat content. Foamability is something we’ve worked really hard on across our range of oat drinks, so as well as getting the right fat content we’ve also perfected the protein structures of the oats to ensure the foam created is silky and smooth. MOMA Barista, Semi and Whole are all fully-foamable even when using them at home - check out our article on how to froth oat milk at home for more tips!


Splitting in hot drinks is probably the most frustrating thing about trying out a new milk alternative. Look out for acidity regulators on the ingredients list as they neutralise the acidity of your tea or coffee and make sure your oat drink stays intact!

Natural sweetness

Some oat drinks contain added sugar, but a lot of unsweetened versions still have a natural sweetness to them that comes from the starches within the oats. This can really helps to balance out the bitterness of coffee without being overpowering.

Which MOMA oat drink is right for you?

All of our oat drinks are suitable for use in hot drinks! If you want plenty of foam, go for MOMA Barista, Semi or Whole. If you want a lower fat option, pick MOMA Semi or Original, and if you want a creamier taste then MOMA Barista and whole are perfect for you.

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