Difference Between Barista and Original

November 17, 2021

A plethora of plant based milks have burst onto the supermarket shelves over the last few years, with many brands offering different milk alternatives for different uses. So in part two of our oat drink trilogy we’ll demystify the differences between our MOMA Original and Barista oat drinks!  

original and barista oat drink

MOMA Barista Oat Drink 

The main difference boils down to foaming – if you’re after a frothy cappuccino or a silky latte with micro-foam, Barista is your friend. In the production of our Barista oat drink, we add some additional enzymes to alter the structure of the proteins and help it perform better in hot drinks. These enzymes break down the protein chains a little bit which increases the amount of foam they can create when steamed or used in a home milk frother. They also help to stabilise the oat drink and prevent it from splitting in hot drinks. But splitting is actually quite tricky as lots of factors can influence it, including water hardness in your area, type of tea or coffee and temperature. We also add slightly more oil to give it a creamier mouthfeel, like that of whole milk. Like dairy milk, the higher the fat content, the creamier the taste and the easier it is to foam. Our Barista Edition oat drink also works well in a regular coffee or cuppa too.  

MOMA Original Oat Drink 

So what’s the Original Oat Drink for? Our Original oat drink is pretty similar to Barista and still has a lovely creamy texture and taste but is a little less thick and creamy than Barista. Original doesn’t contain as much oil as the Barista edition as it isn’t designed to foam, so think of it as a semi-skimmed version. It’s at home anywhere you could use milk, so for smoothies, sauces, hot drinks, splashing on cereal, making porridge and much more. 

Our oat drinks are available to buy online via our website, as well as local supermarkets near you. Give them a try and let us know what you think! 

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