Iced Coffee Recipe

August 26, 2022

Whether you’re a seasonal iced-coffee drinker, or drink them all year round, it’s great to be able to make them at home.

 You might think making iced coffee at home would be tricky or require a lot of skill but it’s actually really simple, and extra delicious with our oat drinks! We opt for our Barista oat drink or Whole oat drink for extra creaminess.

To make our iced coffee you only need 3 things:

  • Plenty of ice
  • A shot of coffee
  • Oat milk

For the coffee, you just need 50 – 100ml of coffee and it doesn’t need to be made using an espresso machine. You can use a cafetiere, moka pot, V60 dripper or a pod machine if you have one. 


  • Grab a glass and fill it right to the top with ice
  • Pour over your coffee (no need to cool it down first)
  • Add your oat milk and watch it swirl!

If you like your coffee sweet, you can dissolve some sugar into the coffee, or if you’re feeling extra, you can drizzle some syrup around the inside of the glass before you add the ice. 


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