Why porridge is the new avocado on toast.

August 25, 2017

Porridge: is it the new avocado on toast?

What’s more instagrammed than selfies and made a bigger comeback than Take That? The humble avocado of course! Experiencing a boom like no other thanks to brunch tables everywhere, the unassuming tropical green fruit has taken over breakfast times and social feeds. Whilst avocado is a worthy star, we’re also showing a very warm welcome to another brunch superstar*. Experiencing a similar comeback of epic proportions, porridge and its versatility is catching on. Porridge is the perfect blank canvas to be mixed and topped with delicious, nutritious and downright good-looking toppings. We’re here to share 5 of our faves that’ll give you an energy-packed (& beautifully instagrammable) start to any day! From cold oat-based breakfast bowls to traditional warming porridge, the natural goodness of starting the day with oats has had a makeover since it’s stodgy gruel days and it’ll no doubt be featuring on a social feed near you! Spoiler alert: we’ve topped porridge with avocado, hmmm….

Lemon Zest and Fresh Ginger

Lemon Zest and Ginger Porridge
Lemon and fresh ginger have some pretty amazing detoxifying qualities and will give your morning a tangy twist! Try stirring finely grated lemon zest (which contains lots of essential oils) into your hot porridge for an extra lemon-y boost to your breakfast.

Pear and pistachio Porridge

Pear and Pistachio Porridge
Combining different textures together can add a little something extra to your breakfast. The delicate flavours of pear and pistachio work beautifully together to give your MOMA porridge a subtle sweetness & natural nutty flavour! Feeling creative? Why not try poaching your pears with a vanilla pod? The poached pears can be kept in a sealed container in the fridge, ready and waiting to be spooned onto your hot porridge oats for a truly tasty topping! Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with this exotic fruit combination. The sweetness of mango perfectly compliments the sour kiwi and passion fruit. These beautifully bright fruits also make for a seriously instagram-worthy breakfast! Top Tip: Chill your fruit in the fridge before slicing (carefully!) with a super sharp knife to make sure you make neat slices, ready for your oatie bowl to make it’s instagram-debut!

Chia seeds, strawberries and almond butter

Chia Seed, Strawberry and Almond Butter
Chia seeds are another popular super food that’s taken the world by storm. You can mix them straight into your porridge pot to add to the creamy texture.. Finish your porridge pot with a few sliced strawberries nestled next to a tablespoon of almond butter for a fantastic way to enjoy chia seed porridge for breakfast. Top Tip: You could even try one of our vegan MOMA Coconut and Chia Porridge Pots, which is packed full of chia seeds.

Peach and avocado

Peach and Avocado Porridge
We love the chunky, yet creamy texture of our porridge and one clever breakfast lover here at MOMA discovered that adding a few chunks of really ripe avocado adds even more creaminess to your oats. And it helps with the title of this blog post! Whilst adding avocado to your porridge may sound a bit odd at first, believe us when we say that combining this with sweet and juicy peach perfectly complements the subtle flavour of the avocado. Throw in the bonus of some healthy fats & your morning will be beautifully boosted! Why not give one of these mouthwatering combos a try and let us know what you think! Is avocado something you’d be brave enough to try out on your morning porridge? *We’re clearly biased given we’re the number 1 fans of the humble oat!

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