This a quick round up of the questions we get asked most regularly. For more information or for anything not mentioned here in our frequently asked questions, please contact us at getintouch@momafoods.co.uk and we'll get back to you.

Orders & Delivery

Where can I purchase MOMA products from?

You have lots of different options to pick up our breakfasts.  You can buy our oatie range right here on our website. Or alternatively if you’d like to buy us in store  pop your postcode into our Where to Buy app to find your nearest stockist.

Do MOMA charge for delivery?

As we like to use a trusted courier service (DPD) to ensure your goodies arrive safely with you there is a charge of £5 per order. That being said, if you like to order in bulk and the cost goes over £35 we’ll deliver your breakfast options for FREE. Where possible we will ensure that your MOMA deliveries arrive within 5 working days.

Do you offer any discounts on your products?

We definitely do! Sign up to our newsletter or keep checking back on our website to see the latest offers. We try to make a big song and dance of it when we do have discounts on.

I have a voucher code, how do I use this?

Pop your items into your basket and as you go through the checkout process you’ll have the chance to enter your discount code here. The codes are often case sensitive, so type carefully when you’re entering it.

Do you deliver abroad?

Not at the moment, though we’re working on it.  Alternatively, we do export to stockists across the world. If you’d like to see if there’s a stockist near you, drop a note to getintouch@momafoods.co.uk and let us know where you’re based – we’ll do our best to help you out.

Our products

Why aren’t your oat drinks produced in the UK?

Our priority is to produce the best oat drink we can – and we work closely with an experienced team in the EU to do this. We continue to evaluate whether we can bring production closer to home. Some oat drink brands claim that their oat drinks are made in the UK, when really they’re buying a concentrated oat syrup and simply diluting and packing it in the UK. Our oat drinks are not, and never will be made from concentrate.

Are your oat drinks made from concentrate?

No, we don’t use concentrates in our oat drinks. This means our products retain their natural proteins and fibres, giving a more rounded oaty flavour.

Where does the waste from your oat drinks go?

The by-product from our oat drink production goes on to become animal feed, helping to reduce waste.

Why do your oat drinks contain rapeseed oil?

Rapeseed oil helps give a balanced nutritional profile and assists with the absorption of the vitamins that we add.  It also gives our oat drinks a creamy texture, making it perfect for your cuppa. The rapeseed oil used in our products is sourced from the EU, and is non-GMO.

Why aren’t all of your products gluten free? 

Many of our products are gluten free, including our instant porridge pots & sachets, bircher muesli mix and jumbo oats. However, we’ve also expanded our range to include some products that aren’t gluten free for those who don’t need to worry about gluten.

But aren’t all oats gluten free?

Yes! Oats are naturally gluten free. But interaction with wheat or barley during milling means that they can often be contaminated. Our gluten free oats are grown on farms with strict protocols to ensure that gluten levels are less than 20 parts per million – that’s less than 20 grams per tonne! The oats used in our non-gluten free products may have had some contact with wheat or barley.