How to Get a Healthy Sugar Fix

March 24, 2016

Given the choice between sweet and savoury do you reach for sweet every time? If you have a sweet tooth or two, but you’re worried about the amount of sugar you’re consuming, MOMA is here to help! Find out where to get a healthy sugar fix below!

Sugar has been getting a lot of bad publicity recently, which has even prompted a new tax on sugary drinks to be introduced. Here at MOMA we believe in eating healthily and we pride ourselves in providing awesome oatie products that have no added sugar, but not all sugar is bad. There are plenty of natural sources of sugar that you can enjoy, and the best thing is that they’re actually good for moderation of course! Before we tell you where to find these healthy sources of sugar, first we we need to explain what makes sugar good or bad. There are two types of sugar, naturally occurring sugar and added sugar. Natural sugar is found in lots of different foods, from fruit and vegetables to dairy products like milk. Added sugar can be anything from the sugar you use in tea and coffee (sucrose) to the sugar added to processed food and concentrated fruit juices. According to the World Health Organisation, out of your daily calorie intake only 5% should come from added sugars. To put this into context that’s approximately seven teaspoons (35g) for men and five teaspoons (25g) for women. Sugar however is an essential part of your daily diet as it provides the carbohydrates your mind and body need to function. Take a look at our RDA infographic to find out more about what your body needs each day. The problem with added sugar is that it doesn't have the same nutritional value as natural sugars, it provides energy in calories rather than carbohydrates. Added sugar gives you a rush that’s fun for a while, but you soon come crashing down. When this happens your body compensates by taking nutrients from other parts of your diet, this can have a negative impact on your health and immunity. Say no to added sugar and get your fix from one of these natural tasty sources!


The great thing about fruit is that it not only contains natural sugar, it tastes sweet too! Sucrose, the natural sugar found in fruit has fewer calories than added sugars. As well as having sugars that provide nutritional value fruit also contains nutrients and vitamins. And, as so many of you have let us know on Twitter, fruit makes the perfect sweet addition to your morning oats!


As with fruit, vegetables are a great source of natural sugar. You may not immediately think of vegetables when you’re looking for something sweet to eat, but the next time you want a tasty sweet snack try munching on a raw carrot. Carrots are sweet and satisfying due to the natural sugars plus they're packed with fibre to help keep you full for longer.

Sweet Treats

It’s not just fruit and vegetables that provide a source of natural sugar. If you’re looking for a natural way to sweeten your food or tea, why not try using honey? As honey is so sweet you won't need to use as much as refined sugar. If you want to experiment with sweet substitute, maple syrup provides natural sweetness as well as flavour. Be careful not to use too much of either as they do contain high levels of sugar! Let us know what natural sweet treats give you a healthy sugar fix in the comments below, or on Twitter at @Moma!

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