The secret power of oats

October 7, 2015

Here at MOMA we have a passion for all things oatie and we want to share our passion with you by telling you some little known facts about oats. Once you read them we know you’ll love oats as much as we do!

Oats make your tummy happy

Very clever researchers have found that oats contain things like beta-glucan resistant starch and unique polyphenols, avenanthramides…yep, we’re not quite too sure what all these are either but we’re assured they help to boost something called Bifidobacteria, a beneficial bacteria in our lower gastrointestinal tracts…..basically oats make your tummy both happy and healthy. Win win!

Oats make you beautiful

Fact. Oats are considered to be a natural beauty food because of a handy little B vitamin called Biotin. Biotin not only helps to boost your metabolism and digestion, it also keeps your hair, skin, and nails healthy. Just half cup of oats provides you with 25% of your recommended daily allowance of Biotin. So no need to make a dent in your wallet at the beauty counter this payday, the humble oat can do the job for you.

Oats stop the itch

If you’ve ever suffered from chickenpox, eczema or sunburn you’ll know how irritating they can be for your skin. Well, we’ve got news for you….turns out oats aren’t just for eating. Who knew?! Adding a cup of oats to your bathwater is said to sooth and calm itchy skin.

Oats boost your immune system

This mighty grain can also help to boost your immune system. Oats contain a type of soluble fiber that can boost your immune system, helping your body to fight harmful bacteria that leads to illness. So incorporating oats into your diet can help to keep those winter (and summer) sniffles at bay.

Oats beat the mid-morning slump

Often find that you become sleepy or sluggish mid-morning? It’s likely that you’ve not provided your brain with enough energy to maintain productivity and workflow. Well fear not, the oat strikes again! They contain complex carbohydrates that provide slow release energy, helping you to feel fuller and more energetic during that pre-lunch lull. Managers take note, fuel your staff with MOMA at breakfast and their productivity will go through the roof! Just when you thought you couldn’t love oats any more, we hit you with these fantastic facts! 

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