What is your RDA?

March 3, 2016

Here at MOMA HQ we’re passionate about following a healthy lifestyle, but how do you know you’re getting the right amount of nutrients your body needs? Lucky for you we’ve created an infographic that explains your ideal RDA!

First of all, what is an RDA? RDA simply stands for Recommended Dietary Allowance - it’s the amount of nutrients your body needs to stay healthy. We all see this information on the ingredients of the food we buy, but how many of us actually tally up the amounts of carbohydrates, fat and protein we are consuming each day? Below is an infographic we’ve created that breaks down the meaning of RDA and shows you how to calculate the specific carbohydrates, protein, and fats your body needs each day.
What is your RDA?
To calculate your RDA of carbohydrates, protein and fats, you first need to establish how many calories you need to consume per day. According to the NHS, the average calories a man needs each day for a healthy balanced diet is 2500Kcal, and 2000Kcal a day for women. As well as making oats more awesome, here are MOMA we want to make sure that all you oat lovers out there are starting your day with a healthy breakfast. If you want to start monitoring your RDA intake, take a look below at the nutritional values of some of our oatie breakfast products below.

Plain (No Added Sugar) Porridge Sachets

If you’re looking for a healthy breakfast option that you can enjoy at home or in the office, our Plain (No Added Sugar) Porridge Sachets are for you! A 65g sachet of this porridge contains 256kcal. Each sachet provides 4.4g of fat (0.8g of which saturates) 38.2g of carbohydrate (10.1g of which sugars) 5.5g of fibre, 13.0g of protein and 0.1g of salt.

Mango & Peach Yog-Oat Smoothie

If you want to have a healthy breakfast on the go or mid-morning snack, our Mango & Peach Yog-Oat Smoothie offers a time saving and nutritious alternative to missing the most important meal of the day. Each 250ml bottle provides a calorific value of 170kcal, 3.8g of fat (2.4g of which saturates) 24g of carbohydrate (19g of which sugars) 2.6g of fibre, 8.5g of protein and 0.3g of salt.

Wild Berry Bircher Muesli

Finally, if you’re looking for a delicious oatie snack or something to keep you going before lunch, our tasty Wild Berry Bircher Muesli provides 175kcal of energy. Each 140g pot offers 2.1g of fat, 38.8g of carbohydrate (14.3g of which sugars) 7g of protein and 0.2g of salt. No matter which oatie option you choose to start your healthy day, MOMA oats give you the nutrition to keep your body awesome! Share your RDA advice with us in the comments below or on Twitter at @MOMA!

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