Awesome places to enjoy oats on the go

May 26, 2016

Summer is nearly here! If you work in a stuffy office you’ll know how it good it feels to escape outside to enjoy lunch in the why not do it for breakfast? Take a look below of all the awesome places you can enjoy your oats on the go!

If your time gets sucked away by the daily whirlwind of getting your kids ready for school, or the manic mayhem of the morning commute, it’s easy to forget about breakfast. Here at MOMA we think that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, that’s why we make a whole host of oatie breakfasts that can be enjoyed on the go! Summer is almost here and the sun is making more cameo appearances in the sky, so we think it’s time to start mixing up where you enjoy your oats to make the most of the sunshine. Below we have some summer suggestions of awesome places where you can enjoy your breakfast away from home, or outside of the office:

In The Garden

If you have the time for oats at home, why not have breakfast alfresco and enjoy them in your back garden? During summer we all love to eat outside, no matter whether that’s a BBQ or an impromptu picnic, so try using this space for breakfast too!

In The Park

If you walk to work and normally have breakfast on the way, find a park that’s on your route or near to your workplace and enjoy your oats there! The calming effect of nature has the power to put you in a good mood for the rest of the day!

In The City

If you work a bustling the city, you’re in the perfect location to do some morning people watching. Find a well positioned bench and take a timeout from the chaos with your oats and take in the architecture and the people of the city around you! The great thing about this advice is that you can use it for your mid-day oat fix too! So whether you are sat in your back garden, in a park or on a bench, we would love to see your porridge pics in the sun, on twitter @MOMA! Or on our Facebook page.

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