Battle of the Toppings - Sweet vs. Savoury

November 13, 2015

When it comes to oats, it’s no secret that here at MOMA we like to keep things interesting. Although sweet toppings such as fruit and honey are commonly regarded as the reigning champs of our morning super bowls, don’t write off savoury just yet. To help you decide here’s a roundup of some our favourite sweet and savoury recipes. Let the battle begin!


Sweet Oats
It’s a fig life Have you tried adding figs to your oats? They’re great freshly sliced, but for a winter warmer, try them toasted for a chewy treat. Why not add in some chia, a handful of your favourite nuts and some cranberries to bulk it out. Almond butter glory This is an absolute favourite here at MOMA HQ. It feels like a proper little treat and perfect for a midweek pick me up. It goes great with slices of fresh banana or apple. Or why not go, for an american twist and swirl in some jam, or “jelly” as those from over the pond, call it. Fruit & yoghurt This classic combo is always a winner. Get creative with fruits of the season. For a wintery treat try dried cranberries and cinnamon and in the summer why not try a few more exotic little numbers like pomegranate or passion fruit.


Savory Oats
Full English...well sort of Complete with bacon and eggs. Yep you heard it, eggs and bacon are actually a perfect and not so uncommon breakfast topping. This combo was the popular weekend dish at London’s infamous porridge cafe. Simply grill a rasher of bacon and team with runny poached egg. Those of you with a sweet tooth, why not drizzle with a little maple syrup. Coconut & Chilli Get adventurous and try this match made in heaven. Add in spring onions and/or coriander for a refreshing kick that will complement those chillis. Top tip: if you don’t like things too hot, half the chilli before slicing and scrape away the seeds. Spinach & Garlic Make Popeye proud with this one. Saute your garlic in olive oil then add in your spinach until wilted. Follow this up with a little sauce for topping, anything from soy sauce to lemon juice. Top tip: also works well with kale swapped in for the spinach! Now it’s time for you to cast your vote, are you a fan of sweet or savory? Let us know in our poll below! If you’ve got a favourite recipe of your own that deserves to stand with the greats, tweet us at @momafoods.

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