How often does the nation eat breakfast?

November 20, 2015

We’ve asked the nation how often they eat breakfast. The results are in and some of us have admitted to some naughty habits. Surprisingly around 18% of the nation skips over breakfast entirely! In good news that means that the majority of us are on the road to breakfast success and starting our morning awesome. Read on to get a roundup of the results and let us know what you think.

We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but how many of us actually believe that age-old saying? Well…turns out the nation loves brekkie! (and so do we). Recently, we put the word out in a survey and asked the UK how often they eat breakfast. You clued us into your morning eating habits, taking us on some unexpected twists along the road to an awesome start to the day. Everyday should be a breakfast day MOMA HQ were all sunny smiles when we heard that almost 60% of the nation eats breakfast everyday. So, the good news is that it seems like most of us are on the right track. On a cloudier note, there’s still 20% of us skipping breakfast. We think we might be able to change that! Here’s the top responses from the survey along with an exciting lowdown for breakfast skeptics. Weekend breakfast, anyone? We were shocked to find out that almost 10% of the nation only eats breakfast on weekends! There’s still too many people who think they only have time for breakfast on the weekend, that’s why here at MOMA we’ve developed oatie breakfasts for people on-the-go. Here’s some oatie recipes that might tempt you to chow down on breakfast everyday. Top Responses Every day 58.4% Never 18.7% Every other day 14.3% On weekends 8.6% Are you a breakfast hero or a breakfast zero? Weigh in on our survey and add your answer to the mix below! Let us know how often you eat breakfast! Jump on our Facebook page or send us a tweet at @moma

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