Feed your fire 🔥 MOMA x Ember Snacks

March 19, 2018

In an attempt to make the most of our morning, Team MOMA headed down to London's Southbank to join Jack & Harry Mayhew - founders of Ember Snacks for an early morning workout.

If there's one thing that will make you feel pumped and ready for your day, it's a workout. It's 6.45am. The MOMA team have had breakfast and are striding through Waterloo station towards Southbank skate park where already a group of early-risers have congregated to be put through their paces by Jack & Harry Mayhew - brothers and founders of Ember Snacks. Team MOMA Led by a PT pal, the group is taken through a thorough warm up before getting stuck in. There's shuttle runs, push ups and more squats than you can shake a stick at.

45 minutes and many, many lunges later, we caught up with the Ember brothers to chat about finding your fire and making the most of your mornings:

  • What is Ember all about and how did it begin?
    • Very simply – “Feed you fire”. Everyone has a fire in side them and Ember strives to be the brand to help people find their fire. Whether it's workouts, meditation, yoga or even pottery - everyone has a goal or a passion and we want to build a brand that people can all associate themselves with.
  • Tell us a bit about your morning workouts.
    • It all started in September 2017 with the two of us doing a routine pre-work run. We started inviting friends to come and join, to feed the fire and it grew from there. We peaked at 45 people. The Beast from the East has taken its toll on numbers a bit recently but we are back in growth and charging into Summer.
  • How do you start your mornings?
    • 6am alarm, run into work (30 mins), shower, porridge (MOMA when we have it!) – then we go. Sometimes we like to get into work first thing, nail a couple of hours and then head out for a run the two of us to clear the head and plan the day out. Getting out for some fresh hair really helps for new ideas and creative thought as well. It's scientifically proven!
  • If you had a bit of extra time in the morning, how would you make the most of that extra time?
    • 10 minutes of listening to the calm app, some stretching, reading the grocer. Or day dreaming about Ember!
  • What advice would you give to people who want to make more of their mornings like you do?
    • Every time the alarm goes off, we hate it and question why we are doing it but post-workout, you no longer have that overlying feeling of chasing the day. Evenings are for winding down and chilling (when we can get out of the office which seems impossible at the moment, but short term pain we are hoping!)
Fancy getting involved? The Ember bros' workouts are held at Southbank Skate Park, every Wednesday at 7am. Plus it's free! Find out more at

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