MOMA Wins Gold at the Healthy Food & Drink Awards!

February 17, 2016

Here at MOMA we believe that oats are one of nature’s nutritious little gems, providing all the energy you need when you’re on the go. In fact, people think our oatie snacks are so delicious that we’ve just won two Healthy Food & Drink gold awards!

As you know, here at MOMA HQ we are all about promoting a healthy and happy lifestyle, but we’re not the only ones who are fanatical about fitness. Our friends over at Health & Fitness and Women's Fitness are so passionate about healthy food and drink options that they created the prestigious Healthy Food & Drink Awards that celebrate the healthiest treats around that help you to stay in shape and feel awesome! We are proud to announce that our very own Wild Berry Bircher Muesli and Super Seeds Instant Porridge Sachets have won gold at the Health & Fitness and Women's Fitness Healthy Food & Drink 2016 Awards! The awards have three categories (gold, silver and bronze) that are awarded to the top three products in each competition category. The categories in the 2016 awards included 26 categories, we’re so happy that our products were not only nominated, but also considered awesome enough to win two gold awards!
MOMA Wins Gold
If you haven’t tried MOMA’s delicious award winning products yet, take a look below to find out what really makes them so oat-tastic!
Super Seeds Porridge Calling all super food fanatics, our Super Seeds Porridge Sachets is the perfect breakfast for you! Made using our legendary blend of fine and jumbo gluten free oats, low fat milk powder and a helping of chia, pumpkin and linseeds. If you want a healthy breakfast to start your day, this porridge is naturally sweet and full of the nutrition you need to take you all the way through to lunch. Perfect for those who want breakfast at home or in the office. The Super Seeds Porridge Sachets delivers a smooth, creamy and delicious explosion of flavour!
Super Seeds Porridge
Wild Berry Bircher Muesli Do you have a taste for all things fruity? Our Wild Berry Bircher Muesli is bursting with oatie goodness that’s guaranteed to get your tastebuds going wild. Our Bircher Muesli offers you a perfectly balanced breakfast made of jumbo oats, low fat natural yoghurt and real fruit. The Wild Berry Bircher Muesli is perfect as a breakfast on the go, or as a healthy snack when you need that much needed oat fix! It’s already been an oat-tastic year for MOMA with the launch of our new Coconut & Chia Porridge Pot and Yog-Oat Smoothies, but these awards are really the cherry on top of our porridge! Are you a Wild Berry Bircher Muesli fan or a Super Seeds Porridge Sachet connoisseur? Let us know your favourite MOMA flavour on our Facebook and Twitter profiles!

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