Morning People vs Non-Morning People

September 7, 2017

New research from MOMA unveils the ultimate formula for becoming a morning person - but what about non-morning people? Are the nation’s morning snoozers really beyond help?

MOMA have set themselves a mammoth morning mission; to shake the nation out of hibernation and embrace the early morning alarm clock! Being a morning person is all well and good if you naturally bounce out of bed and embrace the day with open arms (and eyes!), but what about the nation’s secret snoozers? Did you know?: The average Brit spends the equivalent of 267 days of their life* hitting the snooze button! MOMA found that Britain's snooze supremos and self-confessed non-morning people spent almost an entire year of their lives hitting snooze for ‘just five more minutes!’ between the sheets.

Rise and shine snooze Britain, MOMA are here to jump-start your morning!

More sleepy struggler than morning mover? Never fear, MOMA are here with five weird and wonderful morning hacks to revitalise your morning routine. Throw back the duvet, plant your feet firmly on the ground and grab the morning by the ‘bowls’.
  1. Jump into an ice-cold shower
  2. Tug or pull your hair to get the blood flowing to your head
  3. For the really determined, doing a headstand will work even better!
  4. Put some eye drops in to refresh those tired eyes as you wake up
  5. Use an old fashioned bell alarm clock in a saucepan on the other side of your bedroom

..and here comes the ‘science’ bit!

MOMA have put on their lab coats and drafted in top behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings to pin down the perfect formula to becoming a morning person. It’s a hard job but someone’s gotta do it! Here’s the results! The perfect formula guaranteed** to make mornings more awesome for just about everyone!

Sleeping on the left side of the bed + Wearing something yellow in bed + Setting your alarm to your favourite feel-good song + Sex or exercise when you wake up (5mins) + Doing a headstand (2mins) + An ice-cold shower (3mins) + Slow energy release breakfast (5mins) = A morning person!

Fuel your morning with brilliantly balanced MOMA breakfast oats

Whether you’re on the go or starting your morning at home, having an easy-to-make breakfast on hand can make a world of difference to your morning. MOMA’s instant porridge pots and sachets contain an exclusive blend of chunky yet creamy jumbo and fine porridge oats for a brilliantly balanced breakfast choice. Porridge is a filling and nutritious breakfast choice, full of energy to get you going first thing and fuel you throughout your morning, all the way until lunchtime. *267 days statistic was calculated using the average snooze time (9 minutes), the average life expectancy (82), and the average number of weekdays per year (261). ** MOMA & Jo Hemmings’ top tips to becoming a morning person

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