WATCH: Scotland's Porridge just got Pimped!

June 11, 2015

All year MOMA has has been travelling up and down the country with BMF's 'The Major Series' to bring pimped up porridge to the masses.

If you've just spent the past couple of hours running through mud splattered fields, hoisting yourself over rope walls and sliding face first down water slides then you'll probably be needing to get a little bit of energy back. We set up camp at this year's Major Series Scotland to hand out free porridge goodness to competitors, participants and even the odd dog! This wasn't any old porridge though, this was our awesome MOMA Porridge, pimped up. With tasty toppings from Crazy Jacks, Rowse, and Meridians to name but a few - everyone went wild making their own unique creations. Check out how MOMA's awesome #pimpmyporridge stand went down last week . . . Fancy taking part in the Major Series yourself? Then rally up your troops and sign up today

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