We’re MOMA and we
Make Oats More Awesome

If you like oats, you’re in the right place.

For the last ten years we’ve made it our mission to make the humble oat more awesome, and introduce more people to the healthy potential of our beloved oats.

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We Are Independent

MOMA was started 15 years ago by Tom in a railway arch in south east London – we’re still small, independently owned and based in the Deptford arches where it all began.

Watch the video below to learn a little more about MOMA's humble origins, and what we're up to today.

Meet Tom, the man behind MOMA

"I think we all deserve a quality breakfast. When I worked in the city, I was fed up with the lack of healthy options I could pick up during my commute. I was also just itching to get out and start a company of my own.  It didn't take me long to realise what I needed to do, and so MOMA was born. We sold our first oats from a makeshift stall (an old filing cabinet) in Waterloo Station and haven't looked back since."

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We're doing our best to be as sustainable as we can be. That's why last year, we removed the plastic lids from all MOMA porridge pots you'll find in the supermarket. That means we'll save nearly 6000 kilograms of plastic from entering the market each year.

Additionally, we're working on making all MOMA porridge sachets fully recyclable. It's tricky but we're working on it, so watch this space!

Got a suggestion on how else we can be more sustainable? Let us know by getting in touch here.

Find out more about our sustainability efforts by clicking below.

We Support British Farming

At MOMA, oats are the hero ingredient in everything we make, from our porridge to our oat drinks.

We all know oats are wholesome, tasty and healthy but they have great sustainability credentials too. Whenever possible we source our oats from local British farms to ensure the quality is high but the food miles are low. The exception to this are our Oat Drinks, which is made in the EU, but we continue to evaluate this to see if we can bring it closer to home.

For more information on this, please check out our FAQs.


To sum up in five words: No one gets left oat. We are an oat brand and believe oats are for everyone, that’s why we aim to be inclusive.

We make free from products so that coeliacs, vegans and people with lactose intolerance can enjoy the great taste and health benefits of oats. But we also have lots of products that contain dairy. We provide great oaty choices. The rest is up to you.