We’re MOMA and we Make Oats More Awesome.

If you like oats, you’re in the right place. If you’re not too fussed about oats, you’re also in the right place. We’ve been making the humble oat a whole lot more awesome for ten years. Why don't you take a little look through our video to find out more, and meet Tom the man behind MOMA.

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All about MOMA

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The MOMA Story

Scroll your way down through the MOMA story, and find out how it all began...

Moma lightbulb moment

The Lightbulb Moment

Feb ‘05 – Bain & Co. management consultant Tom Mercer was frustrated with the same old unhealthy breakfasts and decided to do something about it. MOMA was born.
Moma Waterloo Trial

The Waterloo Trial

May '05 - Armed with old water bottles filled with Oatie Shake we headed to Waterloo Station and handed them out to passing commuters to see what they thought.
Moma Kicked Out of Charing Cross

If your name’s not down…

Jul '05 - We were unceremoniously thrown out of Charing Cross train station for ‘loitering’ whilst counting commuter footfall.

The First Stand!

Nov '05 - We received the go ahead from Waterloo East Station and so purchased the famous first filing cabinet and made it into our stall.

Found A Home

Feb ‘06 - We moved into the Deptford Railway Arch and started creating our breakfasts there.

Don’t mess with a man with a dream

23rd Feb '06 - On the eve of the first selling day an opportunistic thief snuck into the office and stole Tom’s laptop whilst the van was being loaded. The laptop containing most of the blueprint for MOMA was off down the road. Unfortunately the thief had underestimated Tom’s ambition for MOMA (not to mention running speed) and shortly after was rugby tackled into the next week, right on Deptford high street.
Moma on Sale

MOMA For Sale

24th Feb ‘06 - We sold the first MOMA on a walkway between Waterloo and Waterloo East Stations – Bircher Muesli, Oatie Shake, Hodgepodge. MOMA was officially selling and selling well.
Moma expansion


Apr ‘06 - Shortly after our opening in Waterloo we opened a stall in Vauxhall and Canary Wharf.
Moma growing and growing

Growing and growing

Feb ‘07 - We moved into a second arch in Deptford and created a separate office space.
We've made it Moma

We’ve made it MOMA!

Mar ‘08 - We hit our first £1m in sales. An epic achievement!

In stores

Jan ‘09 - From stands and into supermarkets where we got our first supermarket listing with Waitrose.
Moma taking off

Taking off

Jun ‘09 - After doing well on stands and in store we picked up our first airline listing with Virgin Atlantic. MOMA was up, up and away.
Moma now selling everywhere

2 years later…

2011 - MOMA was now selling in supermarkets across the country, airlines, offices and high street shops.
Moma Porridge Pots

Potty for Porridge

April ‘12 - After doing so well with our Bircher Muesli it was time for something new from MOMA… Good old Porridge, served in a on-the-go-pot.
Moma Porridge Boxes

Porridge Box Launch

Sept ‘14 - We didn’t just stop at the pot. With the porridges doing so well we decided to offer a different style. This time in a box with sachets.
Timeline Oatie Shakes

Oatie Shake Take 2

Nov ‘14 - This was one of our first ever products, but fell by the way side.  We all missed it, so with a bit of love, we relaunched the Oatie Shake and MOMA fans loved it!

MOMA Rebrand

Apr ‘15 - To mark 10 years since Tom dreamt up MOMA, we decided it was time for a new coat of paint.  We launched with fresh, new, city inspired branding.

What's Next?

We love to hear ideas from our fans so let us know what you’d like to see MOMA do next!

MOMA went Coco-Nuts

18th Feb ‘16- MOMA introduced the Coconut & Chia Porridge Pots, a gluten and dairy free sensation. This cheeky little number united the fresh taste of coconut with the nutritious addition of delicious chia seeds.

NEW DIY Bircher Muesli

We will be introducing our new DIY Bircher Muesli Mix to the MOMA family.

Meet Tom, the man behind MOMA

"I think we all deserve a quality breakfast. When I worked in the city, I was fed up with the lack of healthy options I could pick up during my commute. I was also just itching to get out and start a company of my own.  It didn't take me long to realise what I needed to do, and so MOMA was born. We sold our first oats from a makeshift stall (an old filing cabinet) in Waterloo Station and haven't looked back since."

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