5 Key signs you're a morning person

September 12, 2017

Here at MOMA, we believe the best time of day is as soon as we jump out of bed. The early morning holds a wealth of possibilities for the day ahead, so what’s not to love?!

Being a morning person means that you feel the most comfortable in the first half of the day. You find it easy to jump out of bed in the morning and get yourself ready for the day with no trouble at all.

MOMA’s ultimate formula for being a morning person

Snooze Britain take note! Here at MOMA we have been busy little bees, working away on our secret formula to becoming a morning person, to help shake the nation right out of hibernation! So, how do you know if you’re a morning person already? Is there a way you can boost that early morning buzz? We take a look at the 5 key traits that all morning people have.

You wake up naturally and feel refreshed

Alarms mean nothing to you, as you have no trouble at all waking up in the early hours to start your day. More often than not, you’ll wake up before that familiar sounds starts ringing telling you it’s time to roll out of bed. Half the battle is removing yourself from the cozy confines of your duvet, but for you it feels like a doddle. Even your comfy bed can’t persuade you to have a lie-in, as you are eager to start your day. Did you know? According to our research*, more than a third of non-morning people skip breakfast (the most important meal of the day) in order to snooze their alarm a few more times. That’s some serious non-morning behavior right there.

Most of your work gets done as soon as you get into the office

Whilst your colleagues shuffle into the office, barely awake, you bound in ready to get started on the day’s tasks. You have no problem getting yourself motivated to start work and you don’t even need a cup of coffee to boost your morning energy levels. The key to getting organised for some early start productivity, is to prepare your task list the day before. Make sure you know exactly what you need to do as soon as you sit down at your desk and you’ll have no problems getting started! Did you know?: Some careers are more suited to morning people than others. Almost ¾ of those working in the Transport and Logistics sector admit to being morning people. Talk about revving up in the morning! Interestingly farmers and those working in environmental and agricultural sectors admit to being non-morning people! This certainly dispels the rumour that ‘All farmers get up with the sun & go to bed before dark

Morning workouts are your favourite

You love to avoid the after-work gym rush, by jumping out of bed an hour early and getting in a workout before starting your day. Morning workouts can be the best way to boost energy levels before a busy day and they can also increase productivity levels for the rest of the day! Simply pack your gym bag before bed and grab it as you rush out of the door. Make sure to take an on-the-go breakfast with you too! We always need to refuel after a workout and our MOMA Strawberry and Banana Breakfast Smoothie is the perfect way to replenish your body after a morning gym session. Speaking of early morning “workouts”, did you know that morning is the best time of the day to have sex? Our research reveals that men seem to have the right idea, with almost 1 in 10 men choosing slap and tickle over the snooze button. Top behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings explains why a quickie in the morning can do so much more than just get your heart racing. “It seems that sex in the morning has significant immune boosting properties, not only does it boost your immune system and release oxytocin to make you more relaxed – setting you up for the day ahead!”

Breakfast is the best meal of the day

Like us, your favourite meal of the day is breakfast. It’s the last thing you think about before going to sleep and the very first thing you think about when you wake up. We know that the early morning rush can make it difficult to squeeze in a healthy and nutritious breakfast, but with our MOMA Porridge Pots and Sachets, you’ll have no trouble creating an oatie masterpiece to help you start your day.

You’re no stranger to an early night

Whilst your friends may be getting ready to go out and party, you’re happiest curled up on the sofa, ready to get an early night. Getting enough sleep is extremely important to you and you like to make sure you get your full 8 hours every night. Making sure your body is well rested with a good night’s sleep is one of the best ways to ensure you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start your day. Getting a healthy and energy packed breakfast is also another great way to give yourself a boost first thing in the morning. That’s why we make sure all of our MOMA breakfasts are super quick to prepare and extra delicious! *This research was gathered by One Poll in a survey of 2,000 respondents.

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